· September, 2009

Stories about Iran from September, 2009

Iran: “Bloggers persecuted”

  24 September 2009

Reporters Without Borders informed us that Ali Pirhasanlou (Alpar), one of the first journalists to start blogging in Iran was arrested last week. This organization adds that Iranian authorities continue to persecute the bloggers.

Iran: Blog Service Providers in Trouble

  22 September 2009

Several Iranian sites and blogs such as Parlemannews report [fa] that two important blog service providers in country are in trouble. Persian Blog is filtered and BlogFa has a lot of ‘technical’ problems in last week.

Iran: Remember International Day of Peace

  21 September 2009

Pendar writes about International Day of Peace.Pendar adds [fa] that ‘I as a blogger think that first [Iranian] regime should reconcile with [Iran's] people and then it can join the international community.’

Iran:Maturity of Iranian People

  20 September 2009

Pendar writes [fa] that Iran protests are a sign of political maturity and Iranians express their requests peacefully. The blogger adds “Iranian people are neither traditional nor westernized.They follow their own way.”

Iran: Videos from Quds Day Protests

  18 September 2009

On September 18, Iranian protesters wearing green in support of the opposition, once more defied the Iranian government in the streets of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and several other cities as they protested against dictatorship.

Iran: ‘Leave your computer and join people’

  18 September 2009

Moje Azadi, invites [fa] Iranian internet users to leave their computers for a few hours and join people in the demonstartion in Quds Day to shout ‘neither Gaza nor Lebanon, my life is ready to be sacrificed for Iran’.

Video: Call for submissions in Democracy Now Challenge

  17 September 2009

As the winners of the 2009 Democracy Now Challenge enjoy their reward in the USA, the submission period for the 2010 edition of the contest is opened to allow people from all over the world to complete the phrase "Democracy is..." in a video.

Iran: A political prisoner's daughter was arrested

  7 September 2009

Alefba, an Iranian blogger, reports [fa] that Atefeh Imam, a political prisoner's 19 years old daughter was arrested to increase pressure on her father, Javad Imam.The blogger asked other Iranian bloggers to support this girl.[ she was released after 24 hours]