· February, 2009

Stories about Iran from February, 2009

Iran: A village where smoking is a sin

  28 February 2009

Potin has publsihed several photos of an Iranain village, Makhoonik, in South Khorasan Province where smoking is considered as a sin and villagers has another name for TV:Satan!

Iran:Persian blogs on Bluehost in trouble

  23 February 2009

In Kamangir we read: “Blue Host, the hosting service which is used for this very blog, and the number one recommendation for WordPress hosting by WordPress itself, has adopted a policy of suspending its Iranian users. In some cases the bloggers have been given a short notice in order to...

Iran: Disaster in Parishan wetland

  21 February 2009

Mojgan Jamshidi,an Iran based blogger and journalist informs us that thousands of turtles and birds were burned and killed after fire destroyed an important part of Parishan wetland. You can watch the photos here.

Iran:”Religious blogs can be dangerous”

  21 February 2009

Manbarnet, an Iranian cleric and blogger, is surprised to read [fa] in semi official Mehr news site that “Iranian religious blogs that are not under control of official organizations can be considered dangerous and are able to hurt society”.

Iran:”Ahmadinejad, a lion in the Islamic World”

  18 February 2009

Mehdi has published a photo of a cover of a book that he discovered in a university book store in Malaysia. We can see on this cover Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's photo and book's title is “Ahmadinejad, a new lion in the Islamic World”. The blogger adds [fa] Ahmadineajd's speeches...

Iran: Three short videos on Iran

  18 February 2009

Homeyra has published three links to three short videos on Iran by travel writer Rick Steves.One of these films named “Iran's Revolution of Family Values“.

Iran: Bloggers Remember 30th Anniversary of the Revolution

  16 February 2009

Thousands of Iranians celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution on February 10, by rallying in Tehran and other major cities in Iran. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, delivered a speech. Several Iranian bloggers, both citizens and politicians, blogged on this topic.

Iran: A letter to the Baha’i community

  13 February 2009

ZaneIrani writes that a group of academics, writers, artists, journalists and Iranian activists throughout the world wrote a letter to the Baha’i community to say that they are ashamed of 150 years of oppression against Baha'is in Iran.

Iran: Persian Leopard in Photo

  12 February 2009

Kosoof, an Iranian leading photoblogger,has published a photo of a “Persian leopard”. He says this animal is in danger and there is a project called ” Persian Leopard Project” to save it.

Iranian Website “Balatarin” Back Online after Hacker Attack

  12 February 2009

Balatarin, which means “the highest” in Persian, is a very popular Iranian community website that was hacked on February 3, 2009. Registered users of the site post news and links, and the community votes to make content appear higher on the list. The website has been filtered on the internet in Iran since 2007.

Palestine: 100th day of Derakhshan’s detention in Iran

  11 February 2009

“today is the 100th day of blogger hossein derakhshan’s detention in iran. and it has been a few days since blogger philip rizk has been detained in egypt. the previous links will take you to websites to get more information and see what you can do from where you are,”...

Iran: Balatarin, a popular community website was hacked

  4 February 2009

Several Iranian bloggers reported that Balatarin, a popular community website was hacked.Farsnews, a conservative site recently accused Balatarin to be a “Zionist” site. Read Global Voices interview with Balatarin's founder. Amin Sabeti writes[fa] Balatarin was used by many news agencies and played a key role in persian web 2.0

Iran:A woman activist was jailed

  2 February 2009

Campaign for equality writes that Nafiseh Azad, a woman activist who was arrested in the mountains in the north of Tehran on Friday January 30, 2009 along with two others while collecting signatures in support of the “One Million Signature Campaign“’s petition.[update:Nafiseh Azad was released after 6 days].