· December, 2005

Stories about Iran from December, 2005

Iran: United Kurdish Front

29 December 2005

According to Paiz, Nederlands based Iranian, former Sanadaj deputy in Iranian Parliament, Mr.Adib, announced the creation of United Kurdish Front. Everybody can become a member and achieving justice and equality in all fileds, are among top priorities of this new party.

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  28 December 2005

Happy Holidays from the Kurdish section of the blogosphere! The Kurdistan Bloggers Union writes about security cameras being installed in the Southeast of Turkey to monitor the Kurdish population there. There is also an interesting post (and comment dialouge) about hyphenated-ethnicity and a posted book review of a new book...

Iranian Blogs & 2005

27 December 2005

Iranian blogs continue its dynamic existence in 2005 and Persian language has become second most used language (After English Persian ties with French) in Blogosphere. Here we look at some events in Iranian Blog city in 2005 which have importance in our eyes: 1-Blogger in Jail: Saminnejad, an Iran based...

Iran: Christams!

26 December 2005

According to Zeytoun (Persian), Iran based blogger, Iranian TV has showed a lot of films about Christmas, Jesus Christ and several movies. Goverment offered 5000 christmas trees to christian churches as gift.

Iran: Bus Strike!

24 December 2005

According to blogger Carne, Bus Workers Union (Syndicate) in Tehran has announced on Sunday 25th of December a general bus strike in defense of their colleagues who were fired. Union also wants better conditions for work and a salary raise. According to Harfi baraye Goftan (a word to say) a...

Iran: No More Beethoven?

23 December 2005

In Free Thoughts, a collective Iranian blog, we read The President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has decided to ban all Western music from his nation’s state radio and TV stations. According to TCS daily, Newspaper columnists attacked Ali Rahbari,who was the conductor of Tehran’s symphony orchestra and chose to perform...

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  21 December 2005

This was my first week of using a feed aggregator for watching the Kurdish blogs and I am not sure how I feel about it. Part of me really enjoyed checking every single blog each week, but it can be terribly time consuming. I set up the aggregator for the...

Iran: 352 comments & No Post

21 December 2005

Khatamionline is apparently a weblog where former President,Mr.Khatami, will go blogging. Before he starts to write more trhan 350 people left comments or message for him. You can find anything among them. (Persian)

Iran: More Sites Filtered

21 December 2005

Reporters Without Borders welcomed an initiative by 13 Iranian deputies who have written to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to protest against censorship of the Internet, which they described as “unconstitutional”.The Iranian representatives urged the head of state, who is guarantor of the constitution, to lift filtering of three news websites in...

Khatami goes Blogging, Air Crash & survivors, Bread & Freedom!

21 December 2005

According to Zannevesht, Iranian female blogger & journalist, former President Khatami has decided to go blogging at the end of this week. His blog , Khatamionline, is ready without a post but he has received already more than 240 comments to encourage him to blog! His friend, former Vice President,...

Iran: Student Web project becomes cultural campaign

19 December 2005

A former USC student now living in Iran has turned a class project into a unique cultural effort: Inside Iran, a blog that offers a personal, small-scale look at Iranian life and society. Under the name of “Shiva the Spy” she promises to “be your eyes and ears in Iran....

Iran: Stock Market & Ahmadinejad

18 December 2005

Zeytoun, a blogger based in Iran, says each time Ahmadinejad says something about Israel, Iranian stock market goes down. She adds people are really angry about this. Many working class people, according to blogger, received shares from their companies and their life depends on their values. Zeytoun says we wish...

Iran: Football & Politics

17 December 2005

IranianTruth says Banning Iranian Football team from World Cup in Germany 2006 will deprive the Iranian people of these rare moments of genuine happiness.

Iran: Ahmadinejad & Israel

15 December 2005

Hoder, a Toronto based blogger, says Ahmadinejad and some other conservative personalities like Keyhan (persian) newspaper's editor are following an anti Isareli line for following reasons: 1- Ahmadinejad is trying to distract his base from the promises he'd given about improving people's living standard and distributing the oil revenue equally...

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  14 December 2005

Welcome back to the Kurdish Blogosphere! Originally announced on the Kurdistan Bloggers Union was the creation of the Kurdistan Blog Count this week. Modeled loosely after the Iraq Blog Count, it intends to monitor and catalog the Kurdistan blogs out there in the world wide web. Other items announced on...

Iran: TV & Public Opinion

14 December 2005

Haji, a cleric blogger, thinks that TV in Iran is canalising public opinion. During last weeks of Khatami,TV always talked about inflation but now it has become not even a secondary issue. (Link in Persian)

Air Plane Crash: Anger & Sorrow

14 December 2005

A military transport plane crashed in a residential district in Tehran, at 6th of December, killing more than 100 people including many journalists and reporters who were air plane passengers. Iranian government tried to blame pilot and American embargo as reasons for this tragedy but voices raised among bloggers, journalists...

Iran: Who Killd Judge Moghaddas

13 December 2005

Shahram Kholdi says that Islamic Republic's Intelligence services are under pressure to declare who assassinated Judge Moghaddas. Judge Moghaddas, once presided over many journalists and intellectuals’ cases in the Islamic Revolutionary Court.

Iranian Hezbollah Goes Blogging

12 December 2005

Iranian blogosphere is very diverse with thousands active blogs. Among these blogs, we can find both many pro democratic, liberal blogs and pro Islamic Republic ones. Most of these Pro Islamic Republic blogs call theselves Hezbollah blogs. If we like them or not, they are a part of blogosphere and...

Iran: Airplane crash & Negligence

8 December 2005

Mr.Behi, an Iran based blogger, writes about air plane crash in Tehran: He says the level of negligence of Iranian authority is so ridiculous that only Iranian would believe it.