· February, 2011

Stories about Iran from February, 2011

Iran: A Blogger Who Prayed to See Protesters Beaten

  28 February 2011

After widespread protests in Iran on February 14, Iranian cyber-activists flooded the internet with videos, photos and tweets from the demonstrations. Meanwhile, a different interpretation of events exists on the internet too. Iranian pro-government Islamist bloggers are also prolific when it comes to sharing their thoughts online.

Iran: VOA Hacked by “Cyber Army”

  22 February 2011

Iran's “Cyber Army” hacked Voice of America's website today and left a message for Hilary Clinton: “Mrs. Clinton, Do you want to hear the voice of the oppressed nations? The Islamic nations would no more be tricked by the US, and we want you to stop interfering in the Islamic...

Iran: More Protests, Another Death (Videos)

  21 February 2011

Despite large security presence in major traffic intersections, witnesses say protesters have been gathering since early afternoon and continue to swell in Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Marivan and several other cities on Sunday, February 20.

Iran:Demonstrations continue

  20 February 2011

Several sites and blogs such as Hambastge reported [fa] protesters chanted anti regime slogans in several cities on Sunday. There is also a demonstration in front of State run TV building in Tehran.

Arab World: The Uprisings Continue

  20 February 2011

It's revolution time across the Arab world, with people rising and calling for political, economic and social reforms. Rallies, demonstrations and protests across the region are flooding our timelines, with heartbreaking news of how one Arab government after the other is using the same tactics to quash protests and silence the voices of dissent. Here are reactions from around the world as people watch the developments unfold.

Iran: Whose Martyr is He?

  18 February 2011

The Iranian pro-regime and opposition forces have each been battling to claim Saleh Jaleh as their martyr. He was killed by gunfire on February 14 when the opposition demonstrated in Tehran and several other cities.

Iran: Jailed blogger Hossein Ronaghi in Danger

  16 February 2011

Hossein Ronaghi Malki, an Iranian blogger, is serving a 15 year prison sentence, and is confined in the security ward of Evin Prison, deprived of contact with his family or his lawyer. Mojtaba Samienejad, a human rights activist and secretary of the Human Rights House of Iran, told BBC Persian that Ronaghi is in need of urgent surgery and is in critical condition.

Iran: Today's Protests in Videos

  14 February 2011

Despite a government ban, Iranians demonstrated in several cities today, including Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Rasht. The Iranian opposition had sought permission to demonstrate in solidarity with the Egyptian and Tunisian people but the Islamic regime ignored the request.

Iran: Protesters back to Streets

  14 February 2011

Iranian protesters demonstrate in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan,Rasht and several other cities. Here is a video film shows Sharif University students in Tehran chant against ‘dictator’.

Iran: “Al Jazeera, Please Cover Iran as you did in Egypt”

  14 February 2011

As Iranian cyber activists flooded into the virtual world to encourage an officially banned mass demonstration on 14 February (25 Bahman) in the name of the Egyptian and Tunisian peoples, a Facebook page has been launched to encourage Al-Jazeera to cover the event.

Iran:Protesters on rooftops

  13 February 2011

Several video films show protesters on rooftops in Tehran chanting ‘God is Great’ and ‘down with dictator’ on Sunday. Tommorow Iranian opposition called for a demonstration in Iran.

Iran:”Attack at Mashahi at pro-regime rally”

  11 February 2011

A video film shows Esfandiar Rahim Mashai, Iran's President's Chief of Staff was “attacked by conseravtive protesters.” Mashahi had been criticized by conservative clerics in recent months for adopting a nationalistic tone and defending music.

Iran: Hope, Joy, Envy as Egypt Breaks Free

  11 February 2011

Iranian bloggers welcomed the departure of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak today with both joy and envy. It is an amazing coincidence that Mubarak was brought down on exactly the 32th anniversary of the 1979 revolution when the Shah was overthrown.

Iran: Protesting in the name of Egypt and Tunisia

  8 February 2011

Iranian opposition leaders, Mir Hussein Mousavi and Mehdi Karubi, have applied for permission to stage a rally in support of revolts in Egypt and Tunisia, on 14 February (25 Bahman) their websites said. The news motivated several cyber activists to add their 'green touch' to the internet.