· January, 2014

Stories about Iran from January, 2014

Iran: Several Miners Arrested

  31 January 2014

Iran's Anarchist Workers’ Facebook page reports that several striking miners got arrested in Yazd province.Iran's students tweeted Security Forces Illegally Arrest Striking Workers http://t.co/M0f8faTlqw #Iran #IranElection — Iran دانشجویان ایران (@GreenQuran) January 31, 2014

Iran: A Facebook Administrator Arrested

  27 January 2014

Iran's cyberpolice say they have arrested administrator of a Facebook page called “Sherarat” (meaning villainy”). Iranian police added this Facebook page used to publish stories and photos about thugs and made publicity about their actions.

Iran:Tehran Welcomes China's Help to Launch the National Internet

  21 January 2014

Iranian authorities in the Ministry of Information recently met with their Chinese counterparts and said they welcome China's experience to launch Iran's national internet.” Amin Sabeti tweeted: #China will help #Iran to launch the National Information Network or the National Internet http://t.co/nhLSmQRMnv @Liberationtech @lorenzoFB — Amin Sabeti (@AminSabeti) January 20,...

Iran: Tech Bloggers in Jail

  12 January 2014

Jadi remembered and tweeted on Saturday, 11th of January, about jailed tech bloggers in Kerman province.The technology news website Narenji.ir in Kerman reported on December 3, 2013 that seven of their writers and technical staff were suddenly arrested with no information about where they were taken. Today is 40th day...

Iran: Jailed Blogger Needs Specialized Medical Treatment

  12 January 2014

Amnesty International says “the health of jailed Iranian blogger Mohammad Reza Pourshajari,a prisoner of conscience,is worsening. He is in urgent need of specialized medical treatment.” Mohammad Reza Pourshajari(aka Siamak Mehr) was arrested in September 2010.In his blog, Iran Land's Report, he would criticize the Islamic Republic and Islam with strong...

Iran: What is the Next Stage of Filtering?

  4 January 2014

Milad tweeted with irony that the next stage of filtering in Iran is cutting the electricity to prevent everyone from using any technology. فاز بعدی فیلترینگ قطع برق هست. که دیگه کلاً نتونیم از هیچ تکنولوژی ای استفاده کنیم :))) — Milad (@miladsafarzadeh) January 2, 2014