· July, 2005

Stories about Iran from July, 2005

Iran: Martyrs Wanted

28 July 2005

Iran Hopes 2005 is reporting that a hard-line magazine in Iran has published an advertisement seeking volunteer suicide bombers.

Iran: Supporters of Akbar Ganji arrested including bloggers

  27 July 2005

From the Committee to Protect Bloggers: Some of the young people who had gone to Milad Hospital (on 25 July) following a call by bloggers to show support for Akbar Ganji have been detained by the Law Enforcement Force and plainclothesmen and taken to an unknown location. Based on a...

Iran: More on Ganji

27 July 2005

Iran Scan posts a reponse to Hoder's post about imprisioned Iranian journalist Akbar Ganji.

Iran: Ganji's Wife Says Hopsital Worse Than Prison

26 July 2005

The wife of imprisioned Iranian journlaist Akbar Ganji has said that her husband's situation is worse in the hospital than it is in prison. Gangji has been on a hunger strike and is believed to be close to death.

Iran: Torture in Jails

26 July 2005

Iranian Truth is surprised that the Tehran Justice Administration has admitted that they torture prisoners in jail.

Iran: Hero or loser

25 July 2005

Hoder has his own take on Akbar Ganji, both as a man and as a symbol.

Iran: One Dilemma Too Many

18 July 2005

Free Thoughts on Iran looks forward to what a Ahmedinejad presidency might bring and is not encouraged.

Iran Scan – The democratic future of Iran

15 July 2005

Iran Scan has the text of the latest letter that imprisioned journalist Akbar Ganji has managed to smuggle out of jail. Ganji is, at this point, well into the second month of a hunger strike.

Another Irani Online

13 July 2005

Unfortunately, the blog Another Irani Online has been forced to temporarily shut down the comments because of repeated and continual abuse by a commentor. Hopefully the comments will come back online soon.

Brush Up Your Shakespeare

12 July 2005

Brush up your Shakespeare: Brooding Persian offers his condolences to Londonders by quoting King Lear: “Wipe thine eyes; The good years shall devour them, flesh and fell, Ere they make us weep. We'll see'em starved first.”

A Daily Briefing on Iran

12 July 2005

Regime Change Iran has been informed that there is a massive demostration in Tehran going in support of imprisoned dissident Akbar Ganji, who is on a 31-day hunger strike.

Iran Hopes 2005

11 July 2005

Iran Hopes notes that July 9th is the anniversary of a historic student movement in Iranian history: “On this day in 1999, the first, but certainly not the last, popular movement, in the history of Islamic regime took place. It is known as the Student Uprsing of 18th Tir.”

“Mr. Behi” podcasts from Iran

11 July 2005

The Iranian blogger who calls himself “Mr. Behi” and blogs at The Adventures of Mr. Behi, is now podcasting. In his inaugural show, he gives his personal perspective about the bombings in London, Iran's presidential election, and his recent misadventures in attempting to get a U.S. student visa upon acceptance...

Middle East and North Africa Friday Blog Roundup

  8 July 2005

Beirut Spring has posted a banner condemning terrorism in both English and Arabic. Saudi Jeans has been looking on the Arabic blogs for commentary on the London bombings but has not yet found any; if you see any, make sure to pass it on to him. Chan’ad Bahraini simply asks...