· April, 2010

Stories about Iran from April, 2010

Iran: A ‘Green’ Labor Day (At Least Online)

  30 April 2010

The Iranian Green Movement is planning to make International Workers Day on May 1 a “green” day. The post-election opposition movement has not held any important demonstration since their last attempts were thwarted in February.

“Boobquake” to challenge claims of Iranian cleric

  24 April 2010

A Purdue University student in the United States is asking women around the world to show a little cleavage or a little leg on Monday as a humorous test to disprove an Iranian cleric’s theory that immodest dress has the power to make the earth shake.

Egypt: Lessons in Oppression from Iran

  13 April 2010

On Twitter, Daila Ziada comments: “Egyptian security forces are learning from the Iranian experience. They think exaggerated use of violence will stop protesters!”

Iran: State Reaps Real Dividends of Double-edged Persecution

  11 April 2010

George Washington University's School of Media and Public Affairs, along with the Broadcasting Board of Governors, are sponsoring a half-day conference on Monday (April 12) in Washington DC entitled "Iran: Opportunities and Challenges for Citizen Engagement." Hamid Tehrani shares his views ahead of the event.

Iran: Art and Protest

  6 April 2010

Zina Saunders, a NYC-based artist has brilliantly created two posters for the March 18 Movement. This movement was created to honor Omid Reza Mir Sayafi, an Iranian blogger and journalist, died in Evin Prison in Tehran.