· January, 2013

Stories about Iran from January, 2013

Tehran's Deadly Air Pollution Illustrated

  17 January 2013

Air pollution has been a public enemy to millions of Iranians for years. Earlier this month, the Ministry of Health declared that last year more than 4,400 people lost their lives because of air pollution in Tehran, Iran's capital.

Iran: ‘Tehran Has More Than 1 million Facebook Users’

  14 January 2013

The deputy parliament speaker says Tehran has ‘more than 1 million Facebook users’ and there are more than 200,000 in other big cities of Iran like Shiraz and Rasht. Hasan Aboutorabi regrets that ‘such a potential space is in the hands of our enemy and they deploy all of its capacities against us.’

Graffiti in Tehran

  3 January 2013

Iran is not known for its freedom of expression or popular demonstrations in the public. But urban art is not nonexistent there.Frescoes, mosaics and other 'approved' art adorns walls in certain cities, underground art, although not as apparent as in Europe, is still visible in Tehran.

Iran's Supreme Leader Behind Enemy Lines with New Facebook Page

  1 January 2013

Despite condemnation of social media, it appears that Ayatollah Khamenei now has his own Facebook page. Censorship is as active on Facebook as any other media in Iran -- critical comments come down as fast as they go up. Read more to find out what kind of response there has been to the Supreme Leader's new Facebook presence in Iran.