· October, 2008

Stories about Iran from October, 2008

BOBs: Global Videobloggers Compete for Award Part 1

  28 October 2008

The BOBs, Deutsche Welle's yearly contest for online products: blogs, podcasts and videoblogs has already chosen 176 nominees for the 16 different categories. In the video blogging category, participants from different parts of the world compete for the honor to be considered the best in their group, and voters will have until November 26th to choose their favorite.

Iran: Blogging from the Smallest School in the World

  27 October 2008

Here is another story about how blogging can change lives in a positive way and attract attention to invisible parts of this world. Abdul Mohammad She’rani, a young Iranian teacher in a very remote village in Iran, blogged about his very small school and his four students in a small...

Jordan: An Encounter with a Bisexual in Iran

  25 October 2008

Jordanian Rami Abdelrahman, who lives in Sweden, posts this fascinating post by a Swedish friend who travelled to Iran on a study visit and his encounter with a ‘bisexual’ tour guide.

Iran: No World record sandwich for Iran

  17 October 2008

Biseda, an Iranian blogger, has published a couple of photos of a 1,500m (4,920ft) long sandwich made of ostrich meat.The crowd started attacking the sandwich before any of the three Guinness representatives present had the chance to confirm its length. The blogger says these people are hungry and do not...

Iran: Amazing Futsal team

  17 October 2008

Iranian Futsal team failed to book a place in semi-final in Fustal World Cup but many Iranians praise its performance.Ehsan says [fa] Iranian authorities should reward this team generously.

Iran:Iran's Judiciary puts STOP to CHILD EXECUTIONS

  17 October 2008

SCE Campaign in Iranian.com wrties that a memorandum has been sent to all bodies of the Judiciary in Iran to stop child executions and instructed Judges to issue a maximum sentence of life imprisonment with possibility of parole after 15 years in lieu of execution.

Iran: Bloggers Talk Poverty on Blog Action Day

  16 October 2008

Iranian bloggers, like many other bloggers , from the four corners of the planet participated in Blog Action Day on 15th of October to talk about poverty. Dreeam writes [fa] about families with low income who can only look at rich ones. The blogger writes: I have pity for people...

Iran: Strikes over New Sales Tax

  15 October 2008

Traders in the Grand Bazaar of Tehran, and bazaars in other major Iranian cities such as Tabriz, Isfahan and Mashad, went on strike for around two weeks in protest over a new 3% sales tax. Strikes in Iran are rare, and there are no legal trade unions in the country. Several Iranian bloggers talked about this event.

International Eye on the US Elections

  8 October 2008

As the US Elections loom closer, international attention to US Policy and the candidates has increased. Projects like Current TV's Collective Journalism and Global Voices' Voices Without Votes have taken the task to gather this information and bring a global perspective on a local issue.

The Blogging Revolution: from Iran to Cuba

  7 October 2008

Antony Loewenstein, a Sydney-based freelance journalist and blogger, has recently published his new book: The Blogging Revolution. This book talks about the impact of blogging on six countries: Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China and Cuba.

Iran: Two Leading HIV/Aids physicians remain in prison

  7 October 2008

Global Voices reported in August that Drs. Arash and Kamyar Alaei, two internationally renowned Iranian HIV/Aids specialists have been jailed in Tehran since June. Unfortunately, they are still in prison and have had no legal representation. The Alaei brothers stand accused of planning to overthrow the Iranian government. Physicians for...

Iran: Ministry of Intelligence banned students to study

  6 October 2008

Ahmad Shirzad, former deputy in Iranian parliament, writes [fa] that Ministry of Intelligence has banned several students to continue their studies in country's universities. He regrets that Ministry of Science has given such permission to Iranian security services.

Iran hit by Sandstorms

  1 October 2008

In recent weeks several Iranian cities in the south and southeast of country faced sandstorms. Several bloggers say that Iranian media did not cover these events, but they provided films and photos in their blogs themselves. Vatanema has filmed a sandstrom in the southern city Ahwaz in the oil rich...