· March, 2006

Stories about Iran from March, 2006

Iran: A 534 Soldiers Blog!

  30 March 2006

A group of Iranian soldiers has launched a collective blog (Persian), to make a digital bridge among 534 soldiers. Blog talks about their daily military life and their trips.

Kurdistance: Echoes of Violence, Identity and the New Year

  29 March 2006

What makes a people, a people? What defines a group: a common voice, a common history, culture, a blogging engine? Just as the Iranians, the Kurds celebrate New Year or Newroz every March. Among the celebrations and the well wishes given, there is an underlying sadness and strength that defines...

Tourism, Islamic Vietnam & Blogs

  28 March 2006

IranMehr (Persian) talks about tourism industry problems in Iran. He writes despite country’s attractiveness such as historical monuments, ancient villages, ecosystems…He talks also about government’s politics to attract 20 million tourists to Iran whose share of global tourism revenue has been less that 1 percent. According to him: “How Iranian...

11 Quakes Hit Southern Iran

  25 March 2006

Early Saturday morning (at approximately 07 GMT), an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8, struck in Southern Iran, as measured by the USGS. With the given depth of 44 km there were no fatalities expected, but it was said that a few people could have been injured. At the time...

Iran: Just Nuke it!

  25 March 2006

Thanks to Say no to crack blog we discover T-Shirts & sweat shirts with “Nuke Iran” slogan on them! Say no to crack has given us a link to a US based conservative site which sells such products.

Iran: The Flight from Iran!

  24 March 2006

View from Iran says about her flight from Iran. Blogger writes ” the flight from Iran was uneventful. By the end of our flight, not one woman was wearing a headscarf. You would see more women in headscarves on any flight in Europe or the US.”

Iran: Sufis under Pressure

  22 March 2006

Akhbar Sufi (Sufi news) is a new blog which is talking about Iranian Sufis’ problems with Iranian government. Akhbar Sufi (Persian) says in Semenan decision has already been taken to destroy Sufis’ worshiping building as it was done in Qom.

Iranian New Year

  21 March 2006

Today Iranian all over the world will celebrate NEW YEAR (1385), Norouz. It is fascinating to see that many bloggers remember political prisoners, blogger or not. Two Iranian reformist politicians & bloggers, Mostafa Moin & Mohammad Ali Abtahi, just posted a short happy New Year message on their blogs. Moin...

Iran: Ganji is Free!

  19 March 2006

Kosoof, photo blogger & journalist, shares with us Akbar Ganji's photos with his family & friends after he came out prison. Ganji, writer & journalist, had been in jail for 6 years. He went on hunger strike several times.

Iran: Ganji!

  17 March 2006

FM Sokhan, Iran based blogger & journalist, talks about Ganji's, Iranian famous jailed writer & journalist, liberation (Persian). Blogger says for him/her Iranian New Year does not start at 20th of March but 10 days later when Ganji will become a free man.

Iran: USA & Censorship

  16 March 2006

Antropologiinfo blog talks about censorship of research in the USA. Blog says” Recently, two articles by teams from the University of Bergen were accepted by prominent US journals and then turned down because, the publishers said, “we cannot publish your paper because the United States government restricts publishers from publishing...

Bloggers & Nuclear Case

  14 March 2006

Report on Iranian nuclear programme sent to United Nations Security Council by IAEA. Bloggers have a lot to share about this very important event. Abtahi, former Vice President, (Persian) says peaceful nuclear energy is useful for country and it can empower Iran. But we should not destroy country for it....

Iran: Google & Nowrouz

  14 March 2006

Thanks to Salman's blog, first blog in Persian in history, I discovered a site which tries to promote Iranian New Year, Nowrouz, on Google. People are invited to send following letter to Google: Dear Google Team, We will be so grateful if Google would do us a favor and display...

Iran: Chaos in University

  14 March 2006

Sharif Chaos, an Iran based blog, writes about government's plan to bury anonymous martyrs in Sharif University (Persian). Blog informs us that about 1000 students wanted to stop this event but Basij forces beat them up and buried anonymous martyrs in a mosque at the heart of famous Sharif University...

Interview with Nasrin Alavi

  11 March 2006

There are about 75000 blogs in Persian in world and their numbers are growing fast. We are Iran, written by Nasrin Alavi and published in English and German. It is first book written about Iranian blogs. WE ARE IRAN was amongst a handful of books last year recommended by English...

Iran: Persian Puzzle

  11 March 2006

Persian Puzzle, a book about Iran US conflict, has been translated by Dr.Erphan Qaneei Fard but it has not got permission to go to bookstores in Iran. Dr.Erphan decided to make this translation available on his blog (Persian).

Iran: Street & Nuclear

  10 March 2006

View from Iran, an Iran based blogger, talks about Iranian public opinion about nuclear issues. Blogger says “Why do Iranians mistrust everything the government tells them, but trust their spin when it comes to the nuclear issue?” We were wondering last night. If you have followed the nuclear issue at...

Iran: Bolton!

  10 March 2006

Mr.Behi, an Iran based blogger, writes about Iranian nukes and American ambassador in the United Nations. Blogger says I am not sure if the nucks are the real issue just like the case of WMD of Iraq. I am getting ready for Bolton to take a toothpaste tube from his...


  8 March 2006

Wow, it's Wednesday again, with school and several threatening comments on my personal blog today I almost forgot. But don't worry dear readers, I am here to give you your weekly fix of Kurdish blogs! For a quick update on last week's column, I had reported about a blog site...

Iran: Photos & Women's Day

  8 March 2006

Kosoof, an Iran based photo journalist & blogger, has taken very interesting photos from women's gathering in Tehran (Persian). Same meeting was attacked by security forces. Slogans in photos are such as education & jobs are women's right or peace, solidarity & equality.

Iran: Women & Repression

  8 March 2006

Fanous informs us that peaceful meeting of Iranian women in Tehran has been repressed by police (Persian). Blogger adds that Iranian famous poet, Mrs. Simin Behbahani was attacked and wounded by security forces. She is 78 years old.