· April, 2012

Stories about Iran from April, 2012

Iran: Cockroaches and New Hijab Crackdown

  29 April 2012

Iranian bloggers protested against security forces who launched new hijab(veil) crackdown in Tehran. A Balatarin user published a photo of two agents and write they are like cockroaches when the weather becomes hot, they reappear.

Accused of Molesting Children, Iranian Diplomat Leaves Brazil

  25 April 2012

An Iranian diplomat based in the capital of Brazil, Brasilia, was accused of molesting underage girls at a swimming pool on April 14, 2012. While Iran's embassy denied the allegations, and said they were the result of a "cultural misunderstanding", netizens both from Iran and Brazil didn't take long to react.

Iran: Ahmadinejad's Car, A Woman, And a Hungry Old Man

  21 April 2012

An online video showing a young woman jumping onto the hood of the car of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad while he was visiting Bandar-Abbass on 10 April, is making a big splash. But Iranian bloggers seem more interested in the old man shouting beside the car.

Iran: Mad Graffiti Week for Political Prisoners

  18 April 2012

From April 1-7, 2012 the Facebook group Mad Graffiti Week Iran called on everyone, to stencil in honor of hundreds of Iranian political prisoners. People left their marks on shirts, fences, their homes and clothing. The effort was inspired and supported by the Egyptian “Mad Graffiti Week” which drew thousands...

Iran: Detained web developer under pressure

  12 April 2012

Reporters Without Borders says Iranian authorities have put detained Iranian web developer Mohammad SoleimaniNia under pressure to have his skills for running ‘The National Internet’. Iranian government have already talked about launching a network inside called ‘The National Internet’. RSF has urged for immediate release of Mr. SoleimaniNia who has been...

Iran: Instagram users to lose access

  10 April 2012

A few hours after announcement on Facebook acquisition of famous mobile application Instagram, Iranian users are complaining about losing access to their older photos on the service. Mehrdad, based in Tehran, says [Fa]: ‘I can not load any image older than a couple of days without anti-filter tools’.

Iran: “We must boycott national internet”

  7 April 2012

Anidshehnovin says [fa] that we should boycott Iranian government's national internet because using it means being trapped by intelligent services in Iran. National internet will take off in June according Iranian government. Read more here.