· June, 2008

Stories about Iran from June, 2008

Israel: No Nuts for You!

  27 June 2008

Israel is the world's largest consumer of pistachio nuts, but recent reports reveal that illegal imports from Iran may be its primary source. Jewschool's Shalom Rav jokes: “Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Israeli snacking habits will attest that Israel will be hard pressed to give up their pistachio...

Iran: Ahmadinejad banned a conservative journal

  22 June 2008

According to several Iranian blogs and news sites, Tehran Emrouz journal was shut down yesterday because it criticized president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's economic policy. Heiderpix also says the journal published this photo of Ahmadinejad that created government's reaction.

Iran: Citizen Media Sex Scandal

  19 June 2008

Earlier this month, students at Zanjan University in North-West Iran recorded and uploaded a video of their school's vice president, Hassan Madadi, with his shirt unbuttoned, allegedly preparing to have sex with a female student. Several Iranian websites and blogs say the female student had alerted her university's Islamic Student...

Iran:Sex scandal in University

  15 June 2008

Several Iranian news sites and blogs including Moeini reported [fa] that Hassan Madadi,Vice president of Zanjan University, was caught on film by students as he was taking off his shirt and allegedly about to take sexual advantage of a female student.

Iran: Women activists are released

  13 June 2008

Varesh, Iranian blogger, says[fa] all 9 women activists who got arrested yesterday in Tehran,are released today.These activists were arrested on the anniversary of the national day of solidarity of Iranian women.

Iran: Rick's Iran Slideshow

  13 June 2008

Rick Steves, the author of many travel guidebooks who visted recently Iran,wrote “here is a little slideshow of some of the people, places and moments that have delighted me on this trip, strictly from a traveler's point of view.”

Iran:Ahmdinejad blogs again

  12 June 2008

Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wrote[fa] in his blog that he is faithful to Ayatollah Khomenie‘s ideology and his government tries to change economic institutions but there are some political obstacles on its way.

Iran: Victory for students

  12 June 2008

Azarmehr reports that all the demands made by the Teacher Training Students were met by the university administration after the students at this college went on hunger strike for 11 days. 120 students had taken part in the hunger strike.

Iran: Green Activists in Movement and Photos

  8 June 2008

Green blogs are a valuable source for understanding Iran's nature and environment, its problems and challenges. Green bloggers actively take part in campaigns to protect nature and animals. They publish articles, stories, and photos, and they organize conferences and demonstrations. In this post, we look at green activism in Iran...

Iran: Voices for Peace

  7 June 2008

Watch in You Tube the first cut of a public service announcement about thirty-one Iranian Americans: who we are, what we believe in and why we're for peace.

Iran: Come debate with us,Mr.Ahmadinejad

  5 June 2008

Talkhon, an Iranian blogger, says [Fa] to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, please forget debating with Americans and come debate with Iranian young people who wants talk with you about the lack of freedom and their daily life in Iran.