· June, 2006

Stories about Iran from June, 2006

Immigration, Exile and Motherland!

  30 June 2006

Since the 1979 revolution millions of Iranian for various reasons have left Iran and started a new life somewhere else on this planet. Several university educated bloggers share their reasons why they left the country. More helpful in Iran but… Afkar, a US-based blogger, says when she came to USA,...

Iran: Pet Shop Boys & Executed Gays

  30 June 2006

KlaghSia writes that British band Pet Shop Boys has dedicated his new album to two executed Iranian homosexual teenagers (Persian). According to the blogger Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Mahroni were executed one year ago in Mashad.

Iran: Rationing Gasoline

  30 June 2006

Yek Livan Chaye Dagh criticised government's decision to halt gasoline imports from September 23 and start rationing gasoline supplies to motorists because of budget constraints. The blogger says government wants to reduce about 42 percent gasoline offer in Iranian market. According to the blogger this means more people will need...


  28 June 2006

No tricks or wittiness today folks, here is just the straight skinny on the Kurdish Blogosphere. Hiwa Hopes this week gives a great link to an article about the frustration of a Kurdish immigrant to the UK about the lack of mixer taps. And honestly, I didn't know that the...

Iran: Underground Churches

  28 June 2006

Achil, a blogger based in Tehran, was surprised to find a Bible in Persian in the mail box. The blogger says it seems there are more and more Moslem people who convert into Christianity in Iran (Persian). The blogger was informed by a Christian friend that Churches are afraid of...

Iran: Free Mossavi blog

  28 June 2006

FreeMossavi is a new blog to support Mossavi Khoeini, a former deputy who was arrested after 12 June demonstration. In this blog we read last night's gathering to call for his release brought many of Iran's dissidents together. This is how unity comes about, not in endless Paltalk chat rooms...

Iran: A Weird Business with Belgium

  27 June 2006

Ship considers recent news about Belgium based Exmar company's deal with Iranian Sadra company very weird. The bloggers says Belgian company asked Sadra to build ten ships for this company despite this fact that Iranian company has never constructed such a product before. The blogger was surprised when Iranian company...

UN Human Rights Council & Presidential Election

  27 June 2006

Several bloggers wrote about the presence of Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran chief prosecutor, in the Iranian delegation to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. A few bloggers tried to find out why Iranian government sent such a representative with a very poor human rights record. Some other bloggers try to...

Iran: Death of Intellectualism

  25 June 2006

Andishe No, talks about that many university professors have been forced to be retired. The blogger writes the most important protest voice comes from universities and Iranian government's priority is to make universities quiet (Persian). The blogger adds it is the death of intellectualism and it started when a cleric...

To Be or Not to Be a Martyrdom Seeker

  23 June 2006

In Iran some people call themselves martyrdom seekers and demonstrate in cities to show their readiness to die for Islamic Republic. A couple of weeks ago Mohammad Masih, blogger and martyrdom seeker invited several bloggers with different points of views share their ideas about martyrdom seekers. Let's look at briefly...

Iran: Flags, Football & Politics

According to Omid Habibinia, media researcher & blogger, Iranian football supporters carried different flags based on their political attitudes. The blogger says some carried a flag with the sun and lion which belonged to the pervious regime and used today by Monarchists and Mojahedin of People (two opposition groups). Some...

Iran: UN Human Rights Council

  21 June 2006

Azadeh 7 says that Mr. Saeed Mortazavi, General Prosecutor of Tehran, will be present in UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. The blogger adds more than 100 newspapers & magazines were shut down in Iran because of Mortazavi's order (Persian)!

Iran: Former deputy in jail!

  21 June 2006

According to Ahmad Shirzad, Mr.Akbar Mousavi Khoiniha, former deputy of Parliament, is the only one who is not released from prison after 12 June demonstration. The blogger says Khoiniha was his colleague in Parliament and he was very active to discover underground and non declared prisons running out of reformist...


  21 June 2006

Normally I try to find a reoccurring theme for my weeklies, however this week turned out to be a bit of a Kurdish hodge-podge. Sami from Iraqi Thoughts writes some ranting tidbits about Saddam, Al Zarqawi and his new outlook for the future: I think that I am chaning in...

Iran: New Cops

  20 June 2006

View from Iran says there are a lot of different kinds of police in Iran. The blogger writes we had heard about Iran’s new motorcycle cops: a band of tough-looking, clean shaven guys riding serious motorcycles.

Football & Presidential Election

  19 June 2006

Iran was defeated 2-0 by Portugal in World Cup and lost any hope to go to the next round. Iranian bloggers have shared their thoughts, feelings and photos about this game. Watching the game with the iron men Arash Ashoorinia, a leading photoblogger, watched the game with Hossein Rezazadeh (the...

Iran: No Dance Please!

  19 June 2006

Hamad, who calls himself a Moslem reporter, says Iranian President refused to attend a dance performance after official meeting in Shanghai. The blogger admires President's decision and adds the dancers did not wear what we can call cloth (Persian)! Hamad has published two photos of dancers to show how much...

Iran: Ahmadinejad is Coaching!

  19 June 2006

Do you want to see how Iranian President coaches Iranian national football team? Webgardian has put a link to President Ahmadinejad's meeting with football players on TV. Subtitles are in English.