· February, 2008

Stories about Iran from February, 2008

Iran:Persian Art

  29 February 2008

Kourosh Ziabari talks about the importance of Persian miniature, painting and architecture.The blogger also gives a link to Iranian great painter, Mahmoud Farshchian, where we can watch his great paintings.

Iran and Israel: foes forever or future friends?

  28 February 2008

The online video posted by the Century Foundation regarding the relations between Israel and Iran and the geopolitical forces that are behind this situation has several bloggers discussing their ideas on who is really pulling the strings.

Iraq: Kissenger and the Persian Dreams

  27 February 2008

‘Kissinger thinks (or at least he pretends to think) that Iran has dreams of rekindling old Persian dreams of domination. He also says Bush will be looked upon more favorably in less than 50 years,” writes Iraqi blogger Abbas Hawazin, who further explains his position from a possible civil war...

Iran: Islamist bloggers hail Imad Mughniyeh

  27 February 2008

Iranian leaders, including the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, expressed their condolences to Hezbullah's chief Hassan Nasrallah, after the killing of Imad Mughniyeh, one of the militant group's top commanders, hailing him as a “great man”. Islamist bloggers in Iran share their ideas.

Iran:Governor of Basra accused Iran of plotting his assassination

  24 February 2008

We read in Juan Cole’s blog that Al-Hayat reports in Arabic that the governor of Basra, Muhammad Misbah al-Wa'ili, has charged the Iranian deputy consul in that city of plotting his, al-Wa'ili's, assassination. He demanded that the central government look into the charges.Watch video too.

Iran:Resistance against security forces in Tehran

  24 February 2008

Several bloggers including Schrr have reported[Fa] that today in Sadeghyeh in Tehran,while security forces wanted to arrest a young girl,many people came to help her.Here is a video film about this event where people chanted “we do not want Islamic State”.

Iran:UN report on Iranian nuclear activity

  23 February 2008

Negarakha says[Fa] a UN report on Iranian nuclear activity just got announced and we don't know that we should be happy or sad. The blogger says while Iranian government celebrates,western countries say the report proves new sanctions should be imposed on Iran.Read about report here.

Iran: Save Stony Lion in Hamadan

  23 February 2008

Parviz Imani has published several photos of a 2000 years old (or more) Stony Lion in Hamadan in Iran. The blogger says[Fa] such a monument should be preserved in much better conditions and neither people nor government care about it.

Iran:Exposition on environmental protection

  23 February 2008

Avayeh mohitzist (means voice of environment) says[Fa] the seventh international exposition on environmental protection in Iran was a failure. The blogger adds factories and companies that are responsible for destruction of our environment, were main organizers of this exposition.You can see some photos of exposition here.

Iran:A petiton against Google Earth

  22 February 2008

More than 4000 people have already signed a petition against Google Earth. The petiton that says: “dear Administrators of Google Earth, we, the undersigned, through this letter, protest your irresponsible, unscientific actions, and demand an immediate and unconditional deletion of “Arabian Gulf” from Google Earth.”

Iran:Three workers were whipped

  22 February 2008

According to [Fa] several bloggers including Salam Democrat,three workes who had been arrested last year for participating in May Day( Workers’ Day) ceremonies,were whipped in city of Sanandaj in Kurdistan.The blogger says we are all workers ,whip us all!

Iran:14-Year-Old Girl Stoned to Death by Father

  21 February 2008

According to[Fa] Varesh, the authorities say that when a man found out about his 14 years old daughter’s relationship with a boy, he took her to the mountains around the city of Zahedan in Iran and killed her by stoning.Read more in English here.

Lebanon: Escalations Continue

  19 February 2008

“Hizballah and Amal continue to pit the Lebanese Shiite community against the rest of their compatriots in an effort to satisfy the agendas of their regional allies,” remarks Blacksmith Jade, who also links to videos of the latest political situation in Lebanon.