· September, 2011

Stories about Iran from September, 2011

Iran: Rage Over Video of Tortured Bear Cubs

  24 September 2011

A video shared by Iranian animal rights activists of a brown bear in Samirom being killed and her cubs tortured, has angered many Iranians and led to calls via blogs and Facebook for the "hunters" to be punished by authorities.

Iran: “Justice” in the Islamic Republic

  23 September 2011

Azadi-Esteghal-Edalat says [fa] with irony the regime released “two American spies” but keeps opposition leaders jailed. The blogger refers to the release of two American hikers who were accused of “espionage” in Iran.

Iran: Animal cruelty enraged bloggers

  16 September 2011

A film showing two “hunters” killing a brown bear and torturing her two cubs in front of a camera, enraged several bloggers. Joosh writes Iranian people have lived for last 32 years in such violence under the Islamic Republic that lost all their values.

Iran: Female Blogger Receives 50 Lashes

  15 September 2011

These are the words Iranian blogger Somayeh Tohidloo wrote in her blog, after receiving 50 whip lashes in Evin Prison: “Be happy, for if you wanted to humiliate me, I confess that I feel my entire body is suffering with degradation.”

Iran: Protest Art to Save Lake Urmia

  14 September 2011

Protesters took to the streets again on Monday in Ardabil, in Iran's Azarbaijan's region, to demand that the Iranian government save Lake Urmia, one of the world's largest salt water lakes. Fred Petrossian reports.

Iran: The” Crane” was cleared of charges

  13 September 2011

Greencity reports that Akbar Amini, the man who climbed atop a crane in a show of protest on 14th of February, was cleared of charges. Akbar’s cell mate says Akbar is known as the “Crane” among other prisoners

Iran: The flamingos return to Lake Urmia

  12 September 2011

Nama Jafari has published a 70's film showing the flamingos in Lake Urmia (Rezayieh). There were several demonstrations in recent weeks to save this dying lake. The blogger says that this lake 30 years ago was a tourist attraction and now a dying one.

Iran: Photos from a Candlelight Vigil for 9/11 Victims

  11 September 2011

Shabe Haftom has published several photos from 10 years ago of ordinary Iranians holding candles during a vigil in Tehran, Iran to mourn the loss of life in the United States after hijackers crashed two planes into the World Trade Center in New York.