· March, 2009

Stories about Iran from March, 2009

Iran:Iranian football coach sacked

  29 March 2009

Several Iranian sites and bloggers reported that Ali Daei, Iranian national football coach was sacked after Iran suffered a humiliating 2-1 defeat against Saudi Arabia in its fifth World Cup qualifier at Tehran's Azadi Stadium. Here is a video film where Iranians insluted Ali Daei and chanted slogans agianst him.

Iran: A Christian Blogger arrested

  26 March 2009

According to several sources an Iranian Christian blogger was arrested in the city of Isfahan in Iran about one month ago. He is a convert from Islam and he used to write about Bible in his blog.

Iran: Dr. Hesam Firouzi, Another Jailed Blogger

  23 March 2009

It was jailed physician and blogger, Dr. Hesam Firouzi, who recently got the word out through his lawyer about the death of blogger Omid Reza Mir Sayafi in Tehran's Evin Prison. He said he urged prison authorities to send the dying prisoner to a hospital, but they refused.

Iran: When the Internet is Viewed through a Filter

  20 March 2009

When it comes to filtering the internet, Iranian authorities target many political and social blogs and websites, depriving many from receiving information and expressing their ideas. However, the government does not have well-defined red lines, and it changes its filtering policies often. In this post we discuss several issues related to filtering and clarify some common misunderstandings.

Morocco: Cutting Ties With Iran

  19 March 2009

Early last week, it was reported that Rabat had chosen to sever its ties with Tehran, after a diplomatic spat between Bahrain and Iran over a statement by an Iranian official questioning Bahrain's sovereignty. Additionally, Morocco expressed resentment at Iran's alleged attempts to influence Moroccans in Europe toward Shi'a Islam.

Iran: Omid Reza Mir Sayafi talked about New Year

  19 March 2009

Omid Reza Mir Sayafi,Iranian blogger and journalist who died in prison yesterday, talked about Iranian new year in his blog,Rooz Negar, 3 years ago. He invited [fa] people to lay flowers on the tomb of Iranian war martyrs.

Omid Reza Mir Sayafi, Iranian blogger Dies in Prison

  19 March 2009

Omid Reza Mir Sayafi, a 29-year old Iranian blogger and journalist died in Evin Prison in Tehran on March 18. In December, he was sentenced to two and half years in prison for allegedly insulting religious leaders, and engaging in propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran:”anti religion network destroyed”

  18 March 2009

According to [fa] several Iran based sites and blogs, Iranian Revolutionary Guards claims that it has destroyed anti religion active networks on the internet. Revolutionary Guards says these networks got supported by foreign countries.

Iran: Omid Reza Mir Sayafi, jailed blogger died

  18 March 2009

Omid Reza Mir Sayafi, who had been sentenced to 30 months prison for insulting Islamic Republic Leaders last month, died in prsion today.Human Rights Activists in Iran site says[fa] the reason for his death has not been announced but he was in very bad psychological condition.

Iran: Khatami abandoned presidential race

  16 March 2009

Mohmmad Ali Abtahi, former vice president and blogger, has published[fa] former reformist president,Mohmmad Khatami's resignation letter where he says that he abandoned presidential race and supports other reformist(s) candidate(s).Read more here.

Iran: In Defence of the Bahá'í Minority

  15 March 2009

The Bahá'í minority in Iran has long been under pressure, and it seems the situation has become worse. Iranian authorities recently accused seven leaders of the Bahá'í faith of espionage. The Bahá'í themselves say they are being persecuted because of their religion.

Arab World: Culture, Culture Everywhere

  12 March 2009

Across the Gulf various cultural festivals and literary events have been taking place in recent weeks, and in this post we hear from some of the region's bloggers who have attended them. However culture is not a politics-free zone; even a book fair or a cultural festival can be a source of tension...

Iran: Hopes, Doubts, Questions over Former President's Candidacy

  12 March 2009

Former reformist president Mohammad Khatami's announcement on 8 February that he will run in the 2009 Iranian presidential election, attracted a lot of attention in the virtual as well as the real world. Several bloggers shared their hopes, doubts, questions and concerns about Khatami who served between 1997 and 2005.

Iran: No Cake for Iranian Women on their Day

  11 March 2009

Although the Iranian government does not recognize the International Women's Day and has banned women activists from organizing gatherings and demonstrations to commemorate the day for the previous 30 years, Iranian bloggers and women activists remembered the 8th of March, honouring women in Iran and the rest of the world.