· January, 2009

Stories about Iran from January, 2009

Iran: Bloggers mobilize for animal rights

  31 January 2009

A number of bloggers are supporting an initiative by Iran-based blogger Mino Saberi, to defend the rights of dogs, birds, cats, and other creatures of the Earth. The mistreatment of animals is common in Iran, and bloggers are asking national television to stand up for their rights.

Iran: Political prisoners under more pressure

  28 January 2009

Ghomar Asheganeh, an Iran based blogger says [fa] that “Iranian political prisoners have been under more pressure recently.They are forced to follow some religious activities such as prayer in order to meet and contact their family members”.

Iran:The first mixed football game draws punishment

  27 January 2009

The first mixed football (soccer) game — females vs. male teenagers — since the 1979 Islamic revolution led to punishment, as an Iranian football club said it had suspended three officials involved. Coralit,an Iranian blogger, says [fa] that some people filmed the match by their mobiles and these films were...

Iran: A conservative site was filtered

  27 January 2009

Fardanews, a conservative site that criticized Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and conservative Keyhan newspaper over Gaza was filterd. This site was close to Tehran's mayor,Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf.

Iran: The news that we don't hear in Tehran

  25 January 2009

Freekyboard, an Iranian blogger, says [fa] “we are not going to hear the following news in Iran: The Iraqi journalist who hurled his shoes at US President George W Bush is seeking asylum in Switzerland and Saudi Arabia pays one billion dollar to help reconstruct the Gaza Strip.”

Iran: BBC launches new Persian TV channel

  25 January 2009

The launch of BBC Persian TV on January 14, attracted praise, enthusiasm, suspicion, and in one word: attention! Iranian bloggers are expressing their opinions on this new channel, and they are as diverse as ever.

Iran: A Cemetery is in danger

  24 January 2009

Azarmehr writes that the Iranian authorities want to demolish Khavaran Cemetery altogether. The blogger adds that more than four thousand political prisoners were killed in 1988 and the bodies were dumped in places like Khavaran.

Iran: Gaza and internal affairs

  24 January 2009

Mohmmad Ali Abtahi,former reformist vice president, writes that a former reformist minister participated in a demonstration in support of Gaza. When extremists who support president Ahmadinejad saw him, they started to chanted slogans against former president,Mohammad Khatami and his government instead of Israel.

Iran: Women activists support Shirin Ebadi

  24 January 2009

Kosoof, a leading photoblogger, says a group of women rights activists gathered to meet Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, with red roses in their hands to wipe off bad memories of slogans which were written against her outside the walls of her house and remind the positive effects of...

Iran: AIDS Doctors face prison

  21 January 2009

Physicians for human rights site reports that Kamiar and Arash Alaie are sentenced to terms of three and six years respectively. This site calls this imprisonment as first test of Obama Administration. Read more here.

Iran: A popular sport program under fire

  20 January 2009

Several news sites and blogs reported that '90’ ,a very popular sport program is under fire by government because it criticised Iranian football authorities. Jomhour, an Iran based blogger, says[fa] that Iran Telecommunication sabotaged the system so no one could send any text message to the show. The blogger adds...

Iran: A song for Gaza

  20 January 2009

Several Iranian bloggers wrote about Michael Heart's “we will not go down tonight“, a song for Gaza.

A Project named “Send Love to Iran”

  14 January 2009

BriAnna Olson is an American artist who uses “Send Love to Iran” as an attempt to see the Islamic Republic of Iran through the eyes of a contemporary American artist. The project had its unlikely beginnings at the foot of the World Trade Center on the 5th anniversary of the...

Iran: Two men were stoned to death

  14 January 2009

Varesh, an Iran based blogger, says[fa] that Iranian authorities did not keep their promises to stop stoning and two men who had been convicted of adultery were stoned in December.