· May, 2008

Stories about Iran from May, 2008

Iran: Persian Gulf,Protest and Repression

  25 May 2008

Jamshidi writes [Fa]that several hundreds Iranians on Friday gathered in front of the United Arab Emirates embassy in Tehran again and protested against renaming of the Persain Gulf by several Arab states. The blogger has published several photos of this demonstration and got surprised when security forces repressed a peaceful...

Iran:Ballgard,a Persian Funk Group

  23 May 2008

LegoFish, Iranian blogger and designer, informs us that Ballgard's new CD is now available. Ballgard draws from the musical styles of Funk, Hard Rock and Iranian Folk music themes. Watch Ballgard's video here and get more information here.

Iran: Anniversary of liberation of Khoramshahr

  23 May 2008

Several Iranian bloggers celebrated the 26th anniversary of liberation of southern city, Khoramshar, during Iran-Iraq war. Muslim Bloggers created a logo that says “God liberated Khoramshar” and Elaheh Mehr has published several photos of this city.

Iran: Seven Valleys of Love

  22 May 2008

Kamangir reports that Sheema Kalbasi has published a book about the works of Iranian female poets from Middle age to present day Iran. The book is called: Seven Valleys of Love.

Iran:No Urinals

  22 May 2008

Rick Steves,an American tourist,is blogging from Iran. He says that there is no urinals in Iran.He writes “There are no urinals anywhere. I did an extensive search: at the airport, fancy hotels, the university, the fanciest coffee shops. No urinals in Iran.”

Iran: Remember Reformist Khatami

  22 May 2008

Several Iranian bloggers remembered the 11th anniversary of presidential election where Mohammad Khatami came to power.Mind-Sketch has published 35 photos from Khatami's days.

Iran:A popular site got filtered

  22 May 2008

Negarakha,an Iranian blogger, says[Fa] that Baznegar,a popular site that covers news about blogs was filtered.Negarakha invites other bloggers to protest against this filtering and talk about it in their blogs.

Iran: Blogger writes book on the impact of the Internet

  20 May 2008

Cyrus Farivar is a USA-based blogger, journalist and writer. He is currently working on a book about the impact of the internet on society. Cyrus writes about internet impact on Iran, Senegal, South Korea and Senegal. He was recently in Iran and has taken several photos of Iranian carpets, food,...

Egypt: A Taxi Driver's Words of Wisdom

  19 May 2008

Israeli-American blogger Daniel Lubetsky, traveling in Egypt, interviews his taxi driver on leading figures in the Middle East. “I asked him to rank people or countries, thumbs up or thumbs down. Here were his rankings on 24 questions from Bush to Ahmadinejad, from Olmert to Nasrallah, from Bin Laden to...