· April, 2008

Stories about Iran from April, 2008

Iran: Hunger Strike in Sahand University

  30 April 2008

According to [Fa]Tabout, several students have gone on hunger strike in Sahand University in Iranian city,Tabriz, for 6 days. 8 students have already been transfered to hospital.They protest against moral and sexual harrasment of female students by employees.

Iran:Protest against Persian Gulf “renaming”

  30 April 2008

Tribun Azad says[Fa] that about 500 Iranians on Tuesday gathered in front of the United Arab Emirates embassy in Tehran and protested against renaming of the Persain Gulf by several Arab states.The blogger has published several photos of this event. He adds that security forces arrested several people.

Iran: Remember Iranian Cheetahs

  29 April 2008

Iranian Cheetah Association informs [Fa] us that in two days there will be a festival to let people know more about Iranian (Asiatic) Cheetahs.Festival is called “the children of cheetahs’ land.” Students, clerics,delegates of United Nations and many others are invited to this festival.

Iran:Toilets and Nuclear technology

  27 April 2008

Kaghz Pareh (means a piece of paper) says[Fa] that according to news sites Spain signed a contract with Iranian government to construct 1000 toilets in Iran. The blogger says I got surprised by this piece of news because each day government announces new inventions and progress in nuclear technology but...

Iran: Audio Story for all

  27 April 2008

Audio Story is a blog[Fa] where people can listen to different stories,articles and so on. In Audio Story we read that 5 million people,including the blind, can not read in Iran and thanks to this blog they can listen to stories, books and articles.

PangeaDay: Videos to change the world on May 10th

  26 April 2008

On May 10th 2008 at 18:00 GMT, 24 films will be broadcast during a 4 hour event. What makes this different is that this event, PangeaDay will be broadcast from six locations worldwide in seven different languages worldwide to be viewed through internet, television or cellphones with one unique purpose: to make each other know about the lives of others and focus on what makes us similar, instead of what makes us different and let us work together towards peace.

Iran:Gender apartheid and sexual harassment

  25 April 2008

Sahel reports[Fa] that “students in Sahand University in Tabriz,in Iran, protested against “gender aparthied” and cultural and social pressure.” It seems that male and female students can not attend same classes together. It is said some girls have been victims of sexual and moral harassment by employees. Watch photos here.

Iran:Journalist under fire

  24 April 2008

According to Kamangir, Masih Alinejad, a female journalist, is under fire in Iran after she wrote about the similarity between dolphins dancing to their instructor and the crowd which gathers around when president Ahmadinejad goes to his numerous trips to under-developed areas.

Iran:A Girl with 7 Husbands and Running the World

  24 April 2008

Mohmmad Ali Abtahi,former vice president,says that an Iranian 19-year-old girl was sold to a Afghani man but since he did not have the money he had to pay to the father of the girl, he shared 6 other Afghanis and this 19-year-old girl had 7 husbands. Abtahi says saving people...

Iran:What do you want to know about Iran?

  24 April 2008

Homeyra reports that with the help of a Rising Voices microgrant, Shaghayegh Azimi will explain to Iranian filmmakers how they can use videoblogs to distribute their short films and documentaries to an international audience.

Iraq: The Plight of the Faili Kurds

  24 April 2008

Alive in Baghdad sheds light on the Faili Kurds – one of the most oppressed groups of Kurds. Like other Kurds, they were abused during Saddam Hussein’s regime. Statistics from the United Nations show that more than 450,000 Faili Kurds were deported to Iran in the 1980s and nearly 10,000...

Iran: A mysterious explosion in mosque

  22 April 2008

In south Iran, an explosion at a mosque in the city Shiraz killed at least 12 people and wounded about 200 people on April 12. Fars, a semi-official government news website reported that the blast was caused by a bomb. Later, several Iranian officials insisted the blast was the result...

Iran: Save a Mother from Execution

  20 April 2008

Kamangir reports that Akram Mahdavi, 32 year old mother of a girl in her early teens is facing imminent execution for conspiracy to murder.The complaintaints in Akram's case have agreed to stop her upcoming execution in exchange for $60,000.

Iran: Shirin Ebadi and the Threats

  19 April 2008

Mohammad Ali Abtahi,former vice president and blogger,says that Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shirin Ebadi, has written a letter to police stating that she is threatened to death. Fortunately the president has emphasized on the need for her security in a letter.