· January, 2011

Stories about Iran from January, 2011

Iran: “Our friend Mr. ElBaradei” in Egypt

  31 January 2011

Iranian bloggers from across the political spectrum continue to share their opinions on uprisings in the Arab world. One conservative Islamist blogger sees an opportunity for the Iranian regime if Mohamed ElBaradei were to come to power in Egypt.

Netherlands: Dutch-Iranian woman executed in Iran

  29 January 2011

Dutch-Iranian Zahra Bahrami has been executed in Iran after having been found guilty of drug-related crimes and sentenced to death on 2 January. Zahra Bahrami was arrested on 27 December 2009 when she reportedly attended an anti-government demonstration.

Iran: Egypt Uprising a Vivid Reminder of Iran's Green Movement

  28 January 2011

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011. For several Iranian bloggers, the current Egyptian protests and activist use of social media, is a vivid reminder of the 2009 post-election “Green Movement” in Iran. Egypt's government has apparently also followed in Iran's footsteps when it comes...

Iran: A blogger's life in danger

  26 January 2011

Hrana, human rights activists news agency, reports [fa] that Hossein Maleki Ronaghi ‘s life is in danger and he needs urgent medical care. Hossein Maleki Ronaghi has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. Hussein Rongah Melki (also known as “Babak Khoramdin”) was one of the key cyberactivists behind Iran...

Iran: 14 Lions Killed in Tehran Zoo

  18 January 2011

Environmental bloggers are angry and concerned about the killing of 14 lions in Tehran Zoo. Iranian media reported that the lions were put down because they were diagnosed with an infectious bacterial disease, glanders, which is more commonly found in horses, donkeys, and mules. Two weeks earlier, a Siberian tiger...

Iran: Coelho's books banned

  13 January 2011

Brazilian author Paulo Coelho says his books were banned in Iran. The writer made all his books in Persian availabe on his blog, free for all fans.

Iran: Christians under pressure

  7 January 2011

In Balatarin, a leading Iranian community website, several users reported that more than 20 evangelical Christians including a church leader were arrested on 24th of December.

Iran:”Green Taxi”

  4 January 2011

Bavar Sabz, an Iran based blogger writes[fa] he uses his car as a taxi to talk about the protest movement with people. The blogger never accepts money and asks clients to pray for the movement.