· September, 2005

Stories about Iran from September, 2005

The Kurdish Blogosphere-Identities of Silence

  29 September 2005

Recently on the Iraqi Bloggers Central an epic seven part update on the Kurdish/Iraqi blogs was written. While the summary was excellent (and a highly recommended read!) it also begs the question why were the Kurdish blogs and the Iraqi blogs linked together? It all comes down to the issue...

Iran: Sanction

28 September 2005

Mr.Behi grew up under war and sanctions. He says, “I do not want to see Iran under sanction again. This government cares about it's ideology first and then the people. That is insane. Who said that we should cut relations with US and pay this huge price. This is enough.”

Iranian Journalists & Blogging in Iran: An Open Window to Communicate

27 September 2005

Iranian journalists in their blogs,time to time, provide us first hand information. A couple of months ago Webnameh published Ganji's supporters’ photos in front of hospital before any other site or journal. A few weeks ago Hanif Mazroi, who was jailed last year , wrote about his prison days, his...

Iran: Iranian Thanksgiving

23 September 2005

Do you know the relation between Jashen Mehregan and the Christians Thanksgiving? This is what Ali Mostofi talks about here.

Iran: 25th Anniversary of the Iraqi-Iran war

22 September 2005

Iranian Truth posts a flashback to the dark history of the Iraq/Iran war, which started on September 22, 1980 and ended on August 20, 1988 leaving behind est. 1,000,000-2,000,000 casualties

Welcome to the Kurdish Blogosphere-Revisited

  21 September 2005

Welcome to our second installment of the introduction to the Kurdish Blogosphere; where we will discuss the various types of blogs. Cultural Kurdish culture isn't easy to define as it varies from region to region, but it can be said that the heart of Kurdish Culture lies within the land...

Iran: Iran Mistakes

19 September 2005

Farid Pouya writes that Iran made a mistake on 1982 when they rejected the Arab countries peace proposal, and now they are making the same mistake by rejecting the Europe package to stop uranium enrichment.

Welcome to the Kurdish Blogosphere

  14 September 2005

The subject of Kurdistan (be it in a political or idealist setting) has always been a controversial one. While no political entity of Kurdistan exists, the topic of establishing a homeland for the Kurds (the largest single ethnic group in the world without their own state) is still a primary...

Iranian bloggers : Literature World Goes Blogging

13 September 2005

There are more and more Iranian writers and poets who have become experienced bloggers. We discover more and more their creations on their blogs. Ofcourse in Persian. Moniro RavaniPour, a famous Iranian writer, is writing her first story on her blog. Abbas Marofi, Germany based writer, regularly writes short stories...

Iran: Holding Hussein accountable for all his crimes

9 September 2005

Iranian Truth says that if the October 19th trial will focus exclusively on Saddam's participation in the massacre of Shi'a villagers in al-Dujail and he get executed without facing any further charges, this would mean that Saddam's involvement in atrocities committed against Kurds, in Halabja, and Iranians, during the 1980-88...

Iranian bloggers in action to save Iran's Heritage!

6 September 2005

About 8 months ago Guardian journal published ” Dam is threat to Iranian Heritage”. In this article Iranian learned that “More than 100 of Iran's potentially most important but least examined archaeological sites, including fringes of Pasargadae, the city built by King Cyrus the Great, will be flooded in the...

Iran: Nuke for Peace

5 September 2005

Mohammed of Iraq The Model wonders, why is Iran choosing to defy the world withal the present dangers of a military reaction if Iran kept pushing things to the edge? Does Iran want to develop nuclear power for peaceful utilization? If that was the case then the European offer is...