· August, 2009

Stories about Iran from August, 2009

Iran: “Forced Blogging from Prison”

  27 August 2009

Mohammad Ali Abtahi, a leading reformist blogger and former vice president, started [fa] to update his blog in prison. He says that the interrogation continues but he has very friendly relation with interrogator and protesters in prison know that there was no significant fraud in Iran's presidential election.

Iran: Testimonies of torture and rape

  22 August 2009

The Iranian authorities have been accused by UN experts and the opposition of torturing protesters of the June 12 presidential election results. Iranian civil society activists have been using citizen media to highlight testimonies about the Iranian tragedy.

Iran: “Green Movement and Football”

  21 August 2009

Jomhoriyat writes [fa] that hundreds of young people carried green flags and wore green t-shirts in football stadiums in Isfahan and Shiraz. The green colour is the symbol of Iranian protest movement.

Iran: Twitter and Facebook in Trial

  9 August 2009

Yesterday, Iranian authorities held the second round the of mass trial of protestors and reformist politicians. Defendants in this round included a 24 year-old French woman, Clotilde Reiss, who was accused of spying. Almost all the defendants were accused of inciting riots and undermining national security. The Iranian judiciary went on to...

Iran: Free Abtahi Campaign

  7 August 2009

Free Abtahi site is launched to support Iranian leading reformist and blogger, Mohammad Ali Abtahi who has been jailed for about 2 months.

Iran: “Ahmadinejad a phenomenal politician”

  7 August 2009

Farhad Jafari, an Iran based writer and blogger, writes [fa] that Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, “is a phenomenal politician and is like a professional chess player…one thing that nobody can deny is that he is one of us (Iranian people).”

Iran: Protest continues in Iran

  5 August 2009

Iranian protestors chanted Allaho Akbar (God is Great) and other anti regime slogans near to Iranian parliament where Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sworn in as Iran's president on Wendesday.

Iran:Cartoonists Plan to Boycott Tehran Competition

  5 August 2009

According to Nik Kowsar, a leading Iranian political cartoonist, many of his colleagues have decided to boycott the Ninth Tehran International Cartoon Biennial, scheduled for late October. The boycott is a reaction to the government's post-election actions.

Iran: Anti riot police in Tehran

  3 August 2009

Lettersoftheliv tweeted that Vanak Square in Tehran is full of anti riot police. Dominiquerde also tweeted that the police attacked protesters in Sai Parc in Tehran where people chanted slogans against Ahmadinejad's government. Iran's Supreme Leader endorsed the presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for the second term.

Iran: Faces of the Protest Movement's Victims

  3 August 2009

Here is a site where the photos and names of the protest movement's victims got published. In last 3 months, Iranian security forces arrested hundreds of people who protested against 12th of June presidential election and killed at least 20 protesters.