· May, 2009

Stories about Iran from May, 2009

Iran: Khatami answers bloggers’ questions

  31 May 2009

On Sunday, Mohamad Khatami, the former reformist Iranian president, who is backing Mir Hussein Mousavi's candidacy in the Iranian presidential election, took part in an internet TV programme launched by reformists called Mowj4. Khatami answered questions from the internet, including from bloggers, Facebook members and Twitter.

Iran: Khatami answers questions in Internet

  31 May 2009

Iranian news sites and bloggers such as Sahel Salamt reports that Mohamad Khatami, former reformist president, takes part in an internet discussion via Face Book, Twitter and Yahoo Messenger answers questions. The blogger says [fa] it is the first internet experience in Iran where a high- ranking politician answers directly...

Iran: YouTube, Broadway music and the Election

  30 May 2009

Campaigners in the Iranian elections have used YouTube in different ways to promote their favorite candidate or discredit their opponents. Four candidates will be on the ballot for the presidency on June 12, including the current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Iran:Bomb explosion killed 20 people

  29 May 2009

A bomb explosion killed 20 people in a Shi'ite mosqe in the Iranian south eastern city, Zahedan. Nimroz, a Zahedan based blogger, says [fa] after explosion some Sunni stores and a Sunni mosque were attacked by Basij forces.

Iran:'Photoland’ and election

  28 May 2009

Mohammad Ali Abtahi,former vice president, informs[fa] us that Mehdi Karroubi‘s supportes have launched a site named ‘Photoland’ where people can publish the photos. The site has proposed Iranians to send their photos on potatoes. It seems government's free potatoes distribution is still a hot topic in country.

Iran:Presidential campaign in photos

  28 May 2009

Jomhour,an Iran based blogger, has published several photos of Mir Hussein Mousavi‘s supporters’ activities in presidential campaign in Ahwaz in the southern part of Iran. Mousavi's campaign's colour is green.

Iran: Facebook is accessible again

  26 May 2009

Iranian news sites and blogs report that Facebook is not anymore filtered in Iran. Senoghteh says [fa] that national and international protest forced Iranian government to make Facebook available again.

Iran: Face Book and Twitter got Filtered

  23 May 2009

Several Iranian sites and blogs such as demokracy reported that Face Book and Twitter got filtered in Iran.Ghomar,says [fa] President Ahmadinejad wants to beat his rivals in the presidential election and they are much more present than him in the world of internet including Face Book.

Iran: Blogging against homophobia

  22 May 2009

A few Iranian bloggers wrote comments on ‘International day against homophobia' on May 17 and shared their concerns about existing discrimination against homosexuals in Iran.

Iran: Fararu, a news site was filtered

  22 May 2009

Iran based Fararu news site announced [fa] today that Iranian authorities filtered the site. Fararu's managers got no information about the reason (s) of filtering. [update:Farau news has become accessible on 26th of May 2009]

Iran: State-run Press TV in London

  21 May 2009

Spider, an Iranian blogger, has published a photo of one of Iranian State-run Press TV‘s advertisement in a metro in London. In this publicity we read Press TV wants to ‘give a voice to voiceless’. The blogger has published several links to show that how ironically Iranian government who wants...

Iran: Roxana Saberi freed

  11 May 2009

Mohmmad Mostafai, an Iran based lawyer informs[fa] us in his blog that Roxana Saberi, Iranian-American journalist was freed on Monday in Iran.

Iran: Ahmadinejad's supporters launch online grassroots campaign

  11 May 2009

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has registered as a candidate for the June presidential election. Like his rivals, he now awaits official approval to run in the election from the Council of Guardians. Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad's supporters have launched a multi-media campaign called Dar Emtedad Mehr (meaning, “Following Kindness”) covering social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and other online media.

Iran: A blogger and social activist was arrested

  10 May 2009

Change for Equality reports that six members of One Million Signatures Campaign were arrested during and after a peaceful demonstration on Friday which was held in Tehran to celebrate May 1st. One of them is Nikzad Zanganeh, an Iranian blogger.

Iran: Three publishers were banned

  10 May 2009

Aknoun, Iran based blogger, writes [fa] that Akhtaran,Ageh and Jamedaran are three Iranian publishers that were banned from participating in Tehran Book Fair. The blogger adds this means that each of these three publishers will lose a significant part of their revenue this year.