· April, 2007

Stories about Iran from April, 2007

Iran:Hidden thoughts of Ahmadinejad

  30 April 2007

Ahmad Shirzad,former reformist deputy in Iranian parliament, writes [Fa]that we can find out about Ahmadinejad's real thoughts if we listen to his speeches during his trips to country's provinces.According to the blogger, he rejects all achievements of human being.Shirzad says in a speech he said educated people from USA and...

Iran: Crackdown on Women Again

  30 April 2007

Iranian police have begun to crackdown on women’s dress. After the Islamic revolution of 1979, women have been obliged to cover their hair and wear long, loose-fitting clothes to disguise their figures and protect their modesty. Thousands of Iranian women were warned about their poor Islamic dress this week and several hundred were arrested in the capital Tehran in the fiercest crackdown in more than a decade for what’s known as “bad hijab”.

Iran:247 journalists asked government to release Farahbakhsh

  29 April 2007

According to[Fa] Hanif Mazroi, 247 journlaists wrote an open letter to authorities and asked them to release Ali Farahbaksh,a journalist who was sentenced to 3 years jail.They added in the letter that his rights as a prisoner have not been respected during his detention.

Iran:Disrespect to the Society

  29 April 2007

Mohammad Ali Abtahi, reformist politician, reminds us that these days ladies are inspected in many streets of Tehran. The ladies who are not wearing proper veil (hejab) are arrested… the ladies who are traced in the streets these days are mostly born after revolution and they have all been grown...

Kurdistance: A Week Like Any Other

  27 April 2007

The news coming out of the Kurdish blogs this week is as varied as the landscape of Kurdistan itself. From predictions on Syrian Kurd alliances with Israel, to censorship in Turkey; from explorations of Northern Iraq, to essays on intolerance, the Kurdish bloggers cover it all. But for this week, I think we will begin with why, to Kurds, April is considered as the "Bride of the Year".

Iran:Government puts economic pressure on Iranian journals

  25 April 2007

Tirouj says[Fa] government controls 80 percent of country's economic and it uses this advantage to push some journals to shutdown.The blogger says it is easy for Iranian government to cut advertising money to targeted journals and push them to go out of business.The blogger adds it happened to Ayandeh No...

Israel: Kill Ahmadinejad

  23 April 2007

Israeli paper Yediot Ahronot published a commentary which says that Israel should not shy away from threatening to kill Iran’s Ahmadinejad, reports Egyptian-based blogger Issandr El Amrani. “I feel that way about a lot of politicians. Perhaps the entire region should resolve its conflicts through assassinations. It would save a...

Iranian Women's Movement Beyond Gender and Age

  23 April 2007

Thanks to Kosoof, a leading photoblogger, we can discover some important moments of this movement in photographs from the last two years. Here are six photos chosen to display that in the struggle there is no question of gender or age. We see old and young men and women taking part in the demonstrations as well as female police repressing women activists.

Iran:War for oil

  21 April 2007

ZaneIrani talks about Collin Kelley‘s poem,”war for oil” where we read No liberation force is coming, no toppling of statues or searches,for weapons of mass destruction.Here is famine, genocide,dark skin pouring black oil that holds no currency.

Iran:Most arrested students are released

  20 April 2007

According to Eteraz [Fa]most arrested students in Babol University in the northern part of country are out of jail.Sabagh,a student activist who had been kidnapped a few days ago, is out of jail too.

O'Reilly on Iran and Iraq

  19 April 2007

Egypt-based Blogger Issandr El Amrani pokes fun of Bill O'Rielly‘s interview with Condoleezza Rice on Iraq and Iran.

Iran:Reflections on Virginia Tech

  19 April 2007

Kamangir reports that Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, one of the topmost Shia clerics in Iran, gave his analysis of the Virginia Tech massacre:”The incident in Virginia Tech is a sign of deviation from faith in God, logic, and human emotions. There is a lesson in this event for everyone in...

Iran:Virginia shooting in Iranian Blogestan

  19 April 2007

Haji Washington[Fa] says if a Korean student had killed people in a European university as this stupid guy did in Virginia Tech, a wave of hatred would create serious problems for South Asian people.The blogger says it did not happen, after this shooting, in USA. He asks if the killer...

Interview with Digital Kalashinkov, Journalist and Blogger

  17 April 2007

Blogs are the most free media in Iran and have found their own place in society. The blogs have pushed the boundaries ... Reformist politicians have given importance to bloggers. And conservative politicians, little by little, have disocovered the importance of being part of this new media. Of course they have a lot of enemies too.

Iran:15 students arrested in a university in Mazandaran

  16 April 2007

According to Eteraz[Fa], 15 students were arrested by security forces in a university in Mazandarn province in the northern part of country.According to the blogger a few days ago,Bijan Sabagh, a member of Islamic Association of university,was arrested and many students started to protest against this act.Some even started hunger...

Iran: State-Run Newspaper Mocks Ahmadinejad

  15 April 2007

Kamangir reports in Jam-e- Jam,a newspaper published by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB),the relativity theory was decorated with a picture of Einstein writing on a blackboard. Instead of mathematical equations we read:I made the worse mistake ever to discover atom and stuff!! Hey! Mahmoud[Ahmadnejad]! for God’s sake forget...