· November, 2008

Stories about Iran from November, 2008

Iran: Do not Execute Farzad Kamangar

  29 November 2008

Several human rights activists and bloggers warned that Farzad Kamangar, a teacher and trade unionist may be executed in the near future in Iran. Farzad Kamangar, who is from Kurdistan province in Iran, is accused of being affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Iran: Send Love to Iran

  28 November 2008

Pars Arts presents Bri Olson, an American artist who was recently able to achieve her goal of visiting and seeing the real Iran. She shares her experience in her blog: Send love to Iran.

Middle East: Mumbai Terror Attack “Crazy and Inhumane”

  27 November 2008

Bloggers in the Middle East woke up this morning to news of terror and mayhem in Mumbai, India, and are still coming to terms with the size of the calamity. One blogger describes the attack as "crazy and inhumane" while another the other wishes for God would "obliterate the enemies of peace."

Iran: Art gallery was shutdown

  26 November 2008

Several Iranian news sites and blogs such as Haftan reported[fa]that Iranian authorities, a couple of days ago, accused an art gallery to expose “immoral” photos and closed it. The photos were the creation of Peyman Hooshmanzadeh. Here are some of these photos.

Iran:”No blog action for Gaza”

  23 November 2008

Iranian FarsNews, a conservative and semi official site, reports[fa] that Iranian bloggers including Islamist ones, did not cover news about humanitarian crisis in Gaza Strip.

Iran: Two cyber activists jailed

  20 November 2008

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemns online journalist Shahnaz Gholami’s arrest at her Tehran home on 9 November. RSF reports that theologian and online journalist Mojtaba Lotfi was arrested on 8 October for a posting a sermon by a well-known opponent of Supreme Guide Ayatollah Ali Khamenei online.

Israel: Hoessein Derakhshan Arrested

  20 November 2008

Iranian-born Meir Javedanfar, who is based in Tel Aviv, blogs about Iranian Hoessein Deraskhshan's arrest in Tehran in this post on Middle East Analyst. Global Voices Advocacy covered the story here.

Iran: No Country for Old Trees

  19 November 2008

About one year ago Iranian authorities ordered security forces to rid the country of ‘western influences’ and ‘immodesty’. Fortunately they soon backed off again. But this time green bloggers in Iran and an Iranian daily newspaper, Etemaad, have reported on their new victims: old trees

Iran: More Than Five millon sites are filtered

  19 November 2008

Iranian authorities recently announced that more than five million sites and blogs got filtered. Abdolsamad Khoramabadi, a high-ranking judicial official, said[fa] that enemies try to hurt our religious identity by using internet. No-filter, a site that fighting against filtering, says[fa]that Iranian authorities two years ago talked about ten million filtered...

Iran: Cycling around the world for Peace

  19 November 2008

An Iranian couple is cycling around the world for Peace and Environmental conservation. They started their trip on 29th of April 2007 from Iran to promote peace. At present they are in South Korea. You can read all their stories in their RMC4Peace blog.

Iran: A multi millionaire becomes Interior Minister

  19 November 2008

Sadegh Mahsouli, a former Revolutionary Guard who became a multi millionaire in recent years was appointed as interior minister. Nik Ahang, an Iranian blogger and cartoonist, has published a cartoon about this multi millonaire minister and a friend of Iranian president.

Iran: Professors against Plagiarism

  15 November 2008

A group of Iranian professors in cooperation with colleagues at other universities, have launched a blog called [fa] Professors against Plagiarism. They are asking university colleagues everywhere to join and help them in their efforts. Read more here.

Iran: Woman Activist Released on Bail

  11 November 2008

According to Change4equality, Esha Momeni, the Iranian-American student and woman activist, was released from prison on bail on Monday after being in jail for about one month. Iranian authorities accused her of acting against national security.

Iran: Graffiti from Tehran

  11 November 2008

We can discover graffiti in Tehran in Alone‘s blog. Alone says “maybe I am a Vandal or Anarchist But I am glad to introduce myself as one.At least I stand for my right.I am not about politics .But I am interested on social subjects.”

Iran:Girls’ dormitory caught fire

  11 November 2008

Gorgomishsky, an Iranian blogger, reports [fa] that girls’ dormitory in the ELM O Sanat University caught fire on Tuesday and three people were injured. The blogger adds that some students believe it was not an accident and protested against University's Director asking him to find out responsible(s) of this event....