· January, 2008

Stories about Iran from January, 2008

Iran:”Women Magazine” was banned

  28 January 2008

Razeno informs [Fa] us that “Women Magazine” after being published for 16 years,was banned by Iranian government today,on 28th of January.The blogger says that this magazine published an article about “martyrdom seekers”. Article's title was “they go to be killed in order to kill”.You can see the cover of the...

Davos: peeking in and participating through videos

  26 January 2008

The World Economic Forum´s annual meeting of political and business leaders is taking place between January 23rd and January 27th in Davos, Switzerland. This year, common people can participate in this forum by giving their ideas to make the world a better place and posting it on the YouTube video sharing site.

Iran:Bahai Students are out of universities

  26 January 2008

Shahrahsolh (means highway of peace), a Bahai blogger,writes[Fa] that government does not allow Bahai students go to universities in Iran.The blogger adds that government wants to marginalise Bahais, more and more, in society.

Iran:Photos for Peace

  26 January 2008

Photos for Peace calls itself a photo-sharing network of activists dedicated to stopping the United States from starting a war with Iran.

Iran:USA does business with Iran and Syria

  26 January 2008

Ali Mostofi in Iranian.com blog gives a link to an article about USA business with Iran and Syria.The blogger adds If the US looked at home, instead of anywhere else, the situation with the Seyyeds[clerics] would have been sorted out a long time ago.

Iran:Logos to support Gaza

  25 January 2008

Muslim Bloggers Association has published a couple of logos[Fa] to support Palestinians in Gaza strip.One of logos says:”Gaza is a land of resistance in blood and fire.”

Iran:”Dutch University rejects Iranian Applicant”

  25 January 2008

In Kamangir blog, we read:”my M.Sc. application was rejected, not on the basis of my academic performance, but because of where I am born”, writes Amin, an Iranian reader of this (Kamangir's) blog. Attaching a snapshot of the communication he has received from University of Twente, in the Netherlands.

Iran:Bloggers Solidarity Day with jailed students

  25 January 2008

Hundreds of bloggers support jailed students.According to Negha bi Hejab[Fa],on 31st January,the bloggers will change their blogs’ names in “January 31 (Bahman 10 in iranian agenda),Bloggers Solidarity Day with jailed students.” Many students are jailed for their ideas in Iran.Most of them were arrested 50 days ago.

Iran:Ashura in Tehran

  21 January 2008

Tadaneh has published several photos of Ashura ceremony,one of the holiest days in Shia religious calendar, in Tehran.

Iran:Ashura in Photos

  19 January 2008

Shia Muslims held ceremonies for Ashura,one of the holiest events in the Shia religious calendar. Vahid Gharai has published several photos of Ashura ceremony in Kerman, a city in central south of Iran.

A “Robot” for Analyzing the Persian Blogosphere

  19 January 2008

Arash Kamangir, is a very active Canada-based Iranian blogger who has contributed to several internet projects such as Balatarin, an Iranian version of Digg. He just launched an innovative project for analyzing the Persian blogosphere that provides valuable new information about Iranian blogs.

Iran:Excluding Iran

  18 January 2008

Nart Villeneuve writes” according to The Register, Yahoo! (png) and Microsoft (png) had removed Iran as an option in their country lists used when signing up for an account.Google still has Iran as an option for creating accounts, but does block GoogleEarth downloads from users in Iran (png).”

Iran:Open letter to Chavez from Iranian labour activists

  18 January 2008

Militant has published an open letter to President Hugo Chavez from Iranian labour and student activists. Chavez was asked to use his close relation with Iranian president,Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,to help more than 40 jailed students and labour activists,to be released from prison.

Iran:New York City to Iran Phone Link

  18 January 2008

The Enough Fear campaign connects Americans and Iranians through direct phone calls as part of our person-to-person diplomacy campaign.On Saturday, January 19th, we will set up four phones in City Hall Park in New York that will be connected to volunteers in Iran


  18 January 2008

“Grow,Watermelon,Grow” is the name of the first children's book of New York based Iranian illustrator/designer,Charlotte Norouzi. Sepideh Sarami has done a very interesting interview with her.

Iran:A student died under torture

  17 January 2008

Kargareemrouz informs[Fa] that Ibrahim Lotfolahi, a university student,was killed under torture in prison in Kurdistan province,in Iran. He had been arrested about ten days ago.

Iran:Arab leaders follow Saddam Hussein's destiny

  17 January 2008

Fateh says[Fa] all Arab leaders in Persian Gulf follow Saddam Hussein’s destiny. The blogger says their difference with Saddam is that,thanks to their hypocrisy,they are at the same time a friend of USA and Iran.

Iran:A man who sacrificed his life to protect wild nature

  17 January 2008

Kosoof, a leading photo blogger, has published several photos of Dr.Hormoz Assadi,a pro environment activist and academic,who died in a car accident recently. The blogger adds that Dr.Assadi was transporting yellow deers to a safe natural place, when accident happened.