· July, 2010

Stories about Iran from July, 2010

Israel: “Oliver Stone is a Nutcase”

  27 July 2010

“Oliver Stone is a nutcase,” announces Yael, from Life in Israel. “Oliver Stone has come out with some virulently anti-semitic comments, claiming that Jews control the media, downplayed the Holocaust, defended Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and complained about Jewish influence in the United States…” she continues.

Iran: Bloggers remember Shamlou

  24 July 2010

Several bloggers wrote about Ahmad Shamlou‘s 10th anniversary. Shamlou was probabaly the most influential poet in modern Iran. VatanParast, Iranian blogger, quotes [fa] Shamlou: “underdeveloped countries are like people who are sleeping.”

Iran: Strike in Bazaar

  13 July 2010

Several bloggers such as unity4iran reported that a strike in Tehran's main bazaar in protest against higher taxes has entered its second week. You can see photos of closed shops here.

Azerbaijan: Clinton meets bloggers

In Mutatione Fortitudo comments on U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's meeting with youth activists and bloggers in the oil-rich authoritarian country. Although reportedly raising the issue of imprisoned video blogging youth activists Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli with the Azerbaijani authorities just days before the first anniversary of their...