· May, 2007

Stories about Iran from May, 2007

Interview with Caroline Nellemann, Danish Researcher of Iranian Blogs

  31 May 2007

Danish researcher Caroline Nellemann has done her Master's thesis on Iranian blogs and was involved for three months with the Berkman Center for Internet and Society in Harvard. In order to meet Iranian bloggers and to be more in touch with Iran she took a trip to Iran recently. Caroline shares some of her ideas, photos and research experience with us in this interview.

Libya: Blair in Tripoli

  30 May 2007

“British prime minister is touring Africa before leaving his office and we got a glimpse of his visit to Tripoli. His visit brought a very tight security to the city. Our backyard parking area is cleared by the police and there were checkpoints all around our street,” writes Iranian Mr...

Iran:Iran just what you would expect

  29 May 2007

View from Iran talks about how Iran has become the republic of fear.The blogger says it was the first time in our almost four years there that we saw life in Iran the way that people outside the country sometimes imagine it: as repressive and oppressive. The night before we...

Iran:What is going wrong between Iran and Egypt

  29 May 2007

Mohammad Ali Abtahi,former vice president,says “the issue of relationship between Iran and Egypt has developed several times but every time it has stopped for different reasons. One of the main reasons Egypt disagrees with such idea is the issue of Khalid Islambouli.”Istambouli arranged and carried out the assassination of the...

Iran:Chinese Cultural Revolution

  29 May 2007

Shahram Kholdi,blogger and academic,writes about why Islamic Republic arrested several Iranian-American scholars.He says I do not believe the recent arrests in have much to do with the arrests of the Iranian diplomatic “Staff” in Iraq. The arrests of the past year, overall, represent nothing but a coordinated and systematic pattern...

Iraq: US and Iran Meet Over Iraq

  28 May 2007

“Iranian and American officials (their ambassadors to Baghdad as far as I know) will meet to talk tomorrow in Baghdad. The dialogue, however, started about a week ago…. I'm honestly not expecting much good from such meetings, not in the foreseeable future because the tone of their dialogue on the...

Iran:A more divided country

  27 May 2007

Digital Kalashinkov,blogger and journalist, says[Fa] Iranian society becomes more fragmented everyday.The blogger writes there is a growing gap between elites and masses.He adds religion and nationalism can not anymore bring together the majority of people. He says country becomes divided based on ethnicity.

Iran:Ultra Conservative Ayathollah Goes to Waterloo

  27 May 2007

Ultra conservative Ayatollah Messbah Yazdi is invited to the Waterloo university by the Mennonites.A petition has been launched to protest about this invitation.”We're not against dialogue but the Mennonites[Waterloo University] are naive if they think they can open one with these people,” says Haideh Moghissi, a York University sociologist who...

Iran: A Bloody Face Symbolizes the Violent Repression of Women

  26 May 2007

On Sunday a young woman in Tehran became the latest victim of the crackdown. Citizen reporters captured photographs of her bloodied face which were subsequently published on many Iranian weblogs. According to some reports she was filming the police crackdown on women when she was attacked herself by police. Some eyewitnesses say the police wanted to push her into their car because of how she was dressed and she resisted.

Iran:Neo-Cons To Plot Iran Strategy Amid Caribbean Luxury

  25 May 2007

Thanks to Sibil Tala we get information about a “Neo-Con” led conference about Iran.According this information the workshop, entitled “Confronting The Iranian Threat: The Way Forward,” is to include “30 or so leading experts who will analyze the implications of Iran’s activities, the diplomatic challenges, military and intelligence capabilities, the...

Iran:what do people when they are worried about being arrested?

  24 May 2007

In recent weeks several Iranian-Americans including Haleh Esfandiari were arrested and have no right to have a lawyer.View From Iran writes what do people when they are worried about being arrested:Here's the drill:1. Sell all the alcohol.2. Backup everything on the computer and then reformat the hard drives.3. Call people...

Iran:What happened to an important news in BBC Persian

  23 May 2007

Harfeh Hesabi says[Fa] an article about CIA activities to destablise Iranian government disappeared from BBC Persian site in a very short time on 23th of May. The article talked about CIA ties with Jundallah,a terrorist group active in Sistan and Balouchestan province.The blogger says the article can not be found...

Iran: Iran-USA Negotiations, the Chinese Model and Expulsion of Afghans

  23 May 2007

Iran accepted a U.S. offer last Thursday for direct negotiations about conditions in Iraq. It can be viewed as a historic moment as it is the first time that Iran has agreed to bilateral talks since the United States broke diplomatic relations in 1980 after American diplomats were taken hostage in Tehran. Negotiation between these two countries becomes even more interested when we take into consideration that Iranian officials have called the USA "the Great Satan" while Washington still considers Iran to be a member of the so-called axis of evil.

Iran:Islamic Bicycle

  23 May 2007

Iran is to start manufacturing “Islamic bicycles” for women that conceal their figure.Balouch writes[Fa] with irony that it took 30 years for regime to be able to go to war against “international economy”.

Iran:Islamic Bicycle

  23 May 2007

Iran is to start manufacturing “Islamic bicycles” for women that conceal their figure.Balouch writes[Fa] with irony that it took 30 years for regime to go to war against “international economy”.

Iran:Photos from the first National Digital Media Exposition

  23 May 2007

Mohammad Masih,blogger and member of Muslim Bloggers Association, has published several photos of the first National Digital Media Exposition in Tehran.In the fifth photo you can see ambassador of Cuba visiting exposition.The blogger says it was difficult to explain to many of visitors what is a digital media.Muslim bloggers Association...

Iraq: US Troop Movement

  23 May 2007

Iraqi blogger LadyBird shares the latest rumours on the mobilisation of US troops in Iraq here. “Information came right now from Iraq that US occupation forces are moving all their heavy machineries and tanks into Al-Kut Airbase in south Iraq. No more details and not confirmed yet but this come...

Libya: On Women's Attire

  22 May 2007

Writing from Tripoli, Libya, Iranian blogger Mrs Behi says: “Here in Libya I haven’t seen a couple walking in the street hand in hand. It seems to me as if taking this simple act of closeness feels very strange to them! And also you can rarely see any woman at...