· May, 2006

Stories about Iran from May, 2006

Kurdistance: NGO Project Update

  31 May 2006

Ok, so maybe the title of today's post is a little bit of a misnomer, but our commentators today all mention NGO projects…and I'll give you some extra links to other Kurdish NGO projects as well. Pearls of Iraq officially starts her purple ribbon campaign for the people of Iraq...

Iran: Student Leaders in Jail

  31 May 2006

According to Daneshe Sorkh, Abede Tavancheh and Yashar Ghajar, two student leaders were arrested after demonstration in universities in Tehran. The blogger has published their photos on his/her blog and ask for their freedom.

Iran: Burning Banks!

  31 May 2006

Noqte tahekhad , Iran based blogger, says banks get burned when there are riots in Iran and tell us why (Persian). According to this blogger most banks are run by government and then they symbolize it , banks are easy targets and lending money with high interest rate ( 25...

Iran: Free Mana Blog!

  26 May 2006

Free Mana (Persian) is a new blog which reports all news about arrested cartoonist, Mana Neyestani. Mana drew the cartoon which provoked riots among Azeri community.

Iran: Syriana in Iran!

  26 May 2006

Hanif Mazroi, Iran based blogger & journalist, says George Clooney's Syriana was broadcasted on Iranian Channel 3. Mazroi, who had already seen movie in English version, adds that in Persian version, dialogues have been changed so much that we thought Clooney and others are playing a new script written by...

Iran: Bribing System

  26 May 2006

Karmand writes about bribing system in Iran. This blogger says if you are an employee either you get bribe or you keep silence about it. Blogger adds in country everybody is in competition to become rich and there is no rule in this competition (Persian). According to blogger humanity &...

Kurdistance: What's Montenegro Got to Do With It?

  24 May 2006

And yes, there was the Tina Turner song “What's love got to do with it?” floating in my head in the background when I wrote that title. While the world watched the vote creating an independent Montenegro, the Kurds were watching the same events with mixed feelings. Hiwa from Hiwa...

Iran: Licence for Blogs?

  24 May 2006

ITIran blogger talks about what he heard in a meeting in Ministry of Information concerning blogs. This blogger says it seems government is discussing a project to oblige people to ask licence from Ministry of Islamic Guidance before launching blog or site (Persian)!

Iran: Riots in Tehran University

  24 May 2006

Shahram Kholdi reports about riots in Tehran University. He says riots at Tehran University were in response to the forced resignation of five Professors who resigned under the pressure of the university officials. According to this blogger about 800 to 1000 students are conducting a sit-in in front of the...

Cartoon, Insecurity & Media

  23 May 2006

According to news Iran's government has suspended a state-controlled newspaper after it published a cartoon that provoked riots among the country's minority Azeri community. The cartoon shows that a cockroach says in Azeri :” Namana” which means “What?” It is very interesting to see that even Turkish speaking ( Azeri)...

Iran: Leader's Advisor is Blogging

Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati, Leader's advisor and former Foreign Affairs Minister, started his blog. Concerning Iran-US negotiation about Iraq or other issues, Dr.Velayati says Iran has never had such a strong influence in Iraq & Palestine like today. He adds we have the best advantages to bargain now (Persian).

Iran: Women Pilots

  22 May 2006

Noushin Najafi, photoblogger, has published a couple of Iranian woman pilot photos. Noushin says most of the women pilots after graduation will be attracted by foreigner airlines. Iran airline has employed only two women pilots after 1979 revolution.

Iran: Graffiti on the Wall!

  22 May 2006

In Bombing the walls blog, we can discover new graffiti works on the wall. The Blogger, Bombing the walls, invites us to discover his first work, Skate, a graffiti on the wall in Tehran.

Iran: War Zone & University

  22 May 2006

Abde Tavanche writes in his blog that AmirKabir University has become a war zone. Blogger says security forces & director of university want to stop students to choose their ( student) own council (Persian). According to blogger some people, who are not from university, started to chant slogans such as...

Iran: From Hostage taking to Blogging

  19 May 2006

Abbas Abdi, reformist politician & a hostage taker in US embassy, has launched his blog. He says if human being does not communicate, he/she becomes weaker than animal. Blogger adds at present situation internet is a very good instrument which helps citizens to communicate (Persian).

Iran: Professor in Danger?

  19 May 2006

Samimanetar writes that it seems Dr.Ahmad Naghibzadeh, Professor of Political Sciences in University of Tehran, is under pressure (by government). Blogger says recently Kayhan, a very conservative journal, talked about Naghibzadeh's relation with foreigners (Persian).

Iran: Fashion Talk in TV!

  18 May 2006

Cafe Naseri says that there was a talk about dress fashion in Iranian TV. Blogger has taken a photo from her own TV to show who discussed dress fashion. She adds you can realise people who were involved in this discussion were a cleric and two veiled women.

Kurdistance: Finding Rebirth in Grief

  17 May 2006

For my regular readers, I apologize for my absence, I lost a much beloved Uncle to Cancer of the Esophagus and was away dealing with family matters. In reading through the Kurdish blogs this week, I found a posting From Holland to Kurdistan with a similar situation: I feel sorry...

Iran: Women & Make UP

  17 May 2006

Salakhi Migerist writes some people say Iranian women use a lot of make up products! She adds but same people forget to say the only visible part of Iranian women are their faces and Iranian men just care about their beauty and nothing else (Persian).