· August, 2008

Stories about Iran from August, 2008

Iran: Muslim Bloggers and election

  29 August 2008

The Muslim Bloggers Association, a very dynamic group of Islamist bloggers in Iran announced[Fa] that five members of its central committee were elected. You can watch several photos of their meeting and election here.

MENA: Veiled Athletes in Beijing

  26 August 2008

Despite the Saudi Arabia's decision to ban Saudi women from taking part in the Olympics this year, Blogger Dilshad D. Ali writes about the emergence of hijab (veil) at the Beijing Olympics. Blogger Jana, also lists the 12 veiled Muslim athletes who competed this year in Beijing.

Iran: Scandal over Minister's Forged Oxford University Degree

  25 August 2008

Ali Kordan, Iran's new Minister of the Interior, has recently been under fire for presenting a “fake” Ph.D. degree from the prestigious Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Several websites, including the conservative Alef have published a scan of Kordan's “Oxford Honorary Doctorate of Law Degree”. Alef points out that...

Iran: First Gold Medal in Olympic games

  22 August 2008

Iranian Olympic title-holder Hadi Saei won his second Olympic taekwondo gold medal.Ebtekar Sabz,Iranian blogger, writes [Fa] that Iranian champion has said “I play for the heart of people.”

Iran: Iran bans a top actress from leaving for Hollywood

  20 August 2008

Golshifteh Farahani, an Iranian actress who recently palyed in Ridley Scott's latest movie “Body of Lies”, was banned from leaving Iran. Iranian blogger, Atighe says[Fa] that she is our national pride.[Update: She left Iran in early October to present the film in New York. Watch her photos]

Iran: Two student activists are out of jail

  20 August 2008

According to[Fa] several bloggers including Akhbare Jahan, two student activists, Bahare Hedayat and Mohammad Hashemi,were released, after being in jail for more than one month. They were accused of acting against “national security”.

Iran: Baha'i minority

  17 August 2008

MideastYouth.com's Censeo Productions and BahaiRights.org announce the release of their new video defending the rights of the Baha'i minority in Iran.

Iran: “Go Live in your Lovely Israel, Mr. Vice President”

  15 August 2008

Esfandiar Rahim Mashai, the Iranian vice president for tourism and the director of the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization, has been under fire after he declared that Iran is “a friend of all people in the world, even Israelis and Americans.” Now 200 legislators in the Iranian parliament have asked President Mahmoud Ahmadinehad to dismiss him.

Palestine: Countdown for the War on Iran

  14 August 2008

Palestinian Haitham Sabbah predicts the countdown for the war on Iran has started – following news of a massive build up of naval forces in the Gulf. Sabbah urges his readers to sign an anti-war petition.

Iran:Environment and Parliament

  14 August 2008

Sepher Salimi, Iranian blogger, invites pro environment bloggers to talk more with deputies in Iranian Parliament (Majlis) to inform them about their concerns.

Iran: A conservative site was filtered

  13 August 2008

Alef, an Iranian conservative site, was filtered a few days ago. Several sites and blogs report that Alef site has published Iranian Minister of Interior's “fake” Ph.D certificate from Oxford where you can find many mistakes in English.

Iran :Olympics and female flag bearer

  11 August 2008

Kourosh Ziabari, an Iranian blogger, writes that “choosing a female flag bearer for Iranian team was a defeating answer to those who wanted to pretend that the women rights are being violated in Iran.”