· October, 2010

Stories about Iran from October, 2010

Iran:Palin, Crowley in Twitter Duel

  30 October 2010

According to several news sites “a tongue-in-cheek US birthday message to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over Twitter [by PJ Crowley State Department spokesman] may not have reached the intended recipient, but triggered a rebuke from someone else — Sarah Palin.”

Greece: Iranian refugees on hunger strike

  29 October 2010

Twenty-five Iranian refugees in Athens, Greece have gone on hunger strike since October 14 demanding that Greek authorities process their political asylum applications. Some have had their mouths sewn shut.

Iran: Digital Media Fair

  28 October 2010

The 4th International Digital Media Fair was run from October 9 to 16 in Tehran. Akase Mosalman, has published several photos from this digital event in Iran.

Egypt: Why Does Saudi Arabia Need So Many Helicopters?

  28 October 2010

Issandr El Amrani, from the Arabist, wonders why Saudi Arabia needs to purchase so many helicopters. “What will they use all of these helicopters for? Future incursions into Yemen? Riot control in Dhahran province? Counter-terrorism in the Empty Quarter? Helicopters, unlike F-15s, are not really for engaging another state (like...

Iran: President Ahamdinejad's trip to Lebanon

  15 October 2010

Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has just concluded a two-day visit to Lebanon. It was his first official since 2005 when he first took office. He held talks with Lebanese officials and visited strongholds of Iran's ally Hezbollah. He received a hero's welcome. Several Iranian bloggers reacted to this trip.

Iran: “Lash poem”

  15 October 2010

Many Iranians have been sentenced to lashes in Iran's prisons. Here is a poem by Mehrangiz Rassapour for them. Iranian journalist Mirali Hosseini performed it in You Tube (with English subtitles).

Iran: “Blogger sentenced to 15 years”

  10 October 2010

Iranian blogger Hossein Maleki Ronaghi has been reportedly sentenced to 15 years in prison. Hussein Rongah Melki (also known as “Babak Khoramdin”) was one of the key cyberactivists behind Iran Proxy against web filtering. He used to blog about human rights and civil society.

Iran:”Ahmadinejad's 2.2 bil­lion com­ments “

  10 October 2010

Fars News, a pro Islamic Republic web site, claimed that Ahmadinejad's speech on France 24 received 2.2 bil­lion com­ments.PersianUmpire writes “unfortunately it didn’t take long for France 24 to confess to receiving a measly 31 comments.”

Russia: Bloggers Meet With Iranian Ambassador, Avoid Sensitive Topics

RuNet Echo  7 October 2010

The meeting of Russia's top-bloggers with the Iranian Ambassador in Moscow three days after Hossein Derakhshan had been sentenced to 19.5 years of imprisonment for "anti-government propaganda" highlighted the clumsy attempts of the Iranian online diplomacy in Russia. It also showed commercialization and excessive cynicism of some of the popular Russian bloggers.

Iran: Russians bloggers in the Embassy of Iran

  5 October 2010

According to a Russian blogger last Thursday at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran held a meeting of Iranian and Russian bloggers in Moscow. During the conversation, bloggers discussed the prospects for Russian-Iranian relations at the present stage. Watch the photo here.