· October, 2005

Stories about Iran from October, 2005

Iran: Iran vs. Israel

31 October 2005

Dokhtarak from Iran writes about anti-Israel demonstration(in Farsi) in Shiraz and says: “Only less than 10% of people have participated by their own desire. 70 percent were school kids, 15 percent military forces and 5 percent officials. She thinks Iranian people have become a joke in the eyes of the...

Iran: Woman's Rights

28 October 2005

Fatima the Iranian girl says… when you wish a good future for yourself and your sisters, it means you have to fight for it, and try hard to change this selfish male theory that says “all high things belong to men and low ones remain women”. This wrong opinion exists...

Iran: Israel Off the Map?

28 October 2005

Farid Pouya believes that Ahmadinejad and hardliners welcome crisis and sanctions against Iran. Yasser says: “in west everything against Israel and Jewish be censored and is not surprisingly when all condemned Mr. President! For his comments but they are silent when Israel killed Palestinians. But all of this is not...

Iran: The fundamentalist minority

27 October 2005

Hossein Derakhshan feels very sorry about what the Iran's president has recently said. “But I have to say he doesn't represent the way the majority in Iran think“, he adds.

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  26 October 2005

This week marked the beginning of a trial for Saddam Hussein, not only is this trial an unprecedted event, but the question that lingers is that can he really be tried for all of the atrocities that he is credited for. Another interesting aspect of the trial is that the...

Iran: Week in Review

25 October 2005

DoctorZin provides a review of this past week's [10/16-10/22] major news events regarding Iran.

Iran: Blogger in Jail

  25 October 2005

Blogger Seyyed Ahmad Seyyed Seraji has lost his appeal and is now to serve 18 months of jail (and receive 30 lashes), on charges of attempting to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran and insulting the Supreme Leader, Shahram Kholdi reports.

Iran: Exceptional Stupidity

25 October 2005

Pedram says that Bush administration must truly think that the citizens of this country are just exceptionally stupid. The way they turn stories around, present complete fiction as actual facts and move their chess pieces in and out of favor with the public and mass media, without a genuine conviction...

Iranian Clerics & Blogging: Ayatollah Goes Virtual

25 October 2005

More Iranian clerics are blogging and share their ideas, beliefs and daily life on internet. It is amazing that clerics who control literally everything in country need blogs to express their ideas. In Islamic Iran there are several religious (clerics) bloggers who criticize Iranian state with soft words and try...

Iran: Bloggers Trial

24 October 2005

Shahram Kholdi says that Iranian bloggers Farid Modarresi and Hossein Abdollah Pour was tried yesterday for charges of insulting high-ranking officials of the Islamic Republic (two members of the Expediency Council and the former President, Mohammad Khatami) and taking action against the national security.

Iran: How do Iran track citizens going to Syria?

23 October 2005

The Letter N says: “If you are an Iranian citizen who wants to go to syria, you need to go to the nearest Iranian Embassy, which then gives you an official letter saying in effect : “so and so is our citizen, please give her a visa”. It is a...

Iran: Hoder @ BOBs

20 October 2005

Hoder is on his way to attend the DW panel on blogging, as part of the Frankfurt International Book Fair next week.

Iran: More Internet Censorship

20 October 2005

Farid Pouya says that Reporters Without Borders accused the Iranian government of seeking to increase its control of the Internet in recent measures that have included contracting an Iranian company to set up a new online censorship system. RSF report here.

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  19 October 2005

According to preliminary results the Iraqi Constitution Referendum has passed with a “yes” vote. And while the world waits for the official results, Iraqi Kurds and Kurds in general have been very active as to their opinions of the proceedings. Dr Nazhad Khasraw Hawramany of Iraqi Kurdistan gives a congratulatory...

Iran: What if Tehran shakes like that?

17 October 2005

Mr.Behi writes that after each Earthquake inside or outside Iran, People of Tehran get shaken and alarms about the earthquake that our city has been waiting for, start to flash. Tehran is not at all prepared for such a shake. It is very populated, has many historical and thus old...

Iran: Annoying Propaganda

12 October 2005

Brooding Persian says that if we look closely at some of the blogs or the many news outlets covering Iran (and to some extent the broader Middle East), it is either you are a bunch of zombies/ terrorists/ automatons wanting to wage Jihad, or destroy and ruin [what’s left of...

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  12 October 2005

For Iraqis, October 15th is the big day… the day of Iraqi Constitution Referendum. The vote is a simple yes or no in favor of the Iraqi Constitution. All Iraqis are eligible to vote, even former dictator Sadaam Hussein. The Kurdish people of Iraq are abuzz with these events. Sami...

Iranian Bloggers are Writing about Cinema

11 October 2005

Iranian films have been prize winners in festivals for several years. Thanks to movie directors such as Kiarostami, Panahi, Majidi,…Iranian can be proud of their cinema. Each year a few Iranian movies find their way to theatres in the West. Some Iranian directors and cinema students are blogging and share...

Iran: Neo-Racism

10 October 2005

Hoder complaining about US government practice of Special Registration, and see that as Neo-Racism.