· August, 2005

Stories about Iran from August, 2005

Iranian bloggers celebrate their fourth Birthday

30 August 2005

I would like to share with you some important issues about our blogging history. Of course it is a personal way to look to Iranian blogistory: 1- Genesis: On 7 September 2001 Salman become first blogger in Farsi. A few days later Derakhshan wrote simple instructions on “How to make...

Iran: Regional Civil Society Forum banned by Iranian government

30 August 2005

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information reports that a regional civil society forum in Iran, grouping 40 Iranian and international delegates to talk about the Internet and information society was banned a few hours before the start of the event.

Iran: Woman Rights

30 August 2005

Secular Canuck-Iranic is wondering if Ayatollah Khamenei is beginning to show some moderation on women's position in Islam?

Homeless but Online in Paris

  29 August 2005

Farid Pouya at Iranian blog Webgardian points us to a story in French on Projet Internet du Rue (The Street Internet Project) about a homeless Internet user in Paris who's been able to complete an online job search despite having no permanent address. Farid offers a partial English translation of...

Egyptian, Bahraini and Iranian bloggers in the Christians Science monitor

  25 August 2005

Charles Levinson – Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor, writes about Egypt's growing blogger community and mentions Baheyya, The Sandmonkey and The Big Pharaoh. On the Iranian side, he talks about Hossein Derakhshan, an Iranian emigrant to Canada, who published directions on how to make a blog in the Farsi....

Iran: Weblogestan Birthday

24 August 2005

Farid says that on September 7th, the Iranian Blogsphere will celebrate their forth birthday. On September 7th, 2001 Salman launched the first weblog in Farsi.

Iran: Israel Peace Appeal

23 August 2005

The Brooding Persian is puzzled by the curious silence which shrouds the Israeli President – Mr. Katsav's recent personal peace appeal to Iran, although relations between Iran and Israel have ancient roots.

Iran: Ganji's Health Improvement

20 August 2005

Latest RSF report says that the health of the Iranian imprisoned journalist Akbar Ganji, who began a hunger strike on 11 June, is getting better as Farid Pouya of webgardian reports.

Iran: Hunger strike

17 August 2005

Farid Pouya reports on more political prisoners hunger strike in Iran.

Iran: Creation of Hate

15 August 2005

Omid Memarian says that Islamists groups in Iran creates hate against the west between the youth generation. He gives an example of that by yesterday's Iranian Students protest against the UK embassy in Tehran to show their hate about what this country and the other western countries have done during...

Iran: Security Forces Kill Kurdish Protestors

11 August 2005

Human Rights Watch says that the Iranian government must investigate the deaths of at least 17 people at the hands of security forces in the western province of Kurdistan over the past two weeks.

Iran: Nuks

10 August 2005

Mr.Behi is saying that EU/US and Iran are acting so irrational on the enrichment of Uranium and that he do not want a nuclear electricity.

Iran: Kurdistan Solidarity

7 August 2005

Iran News Blog is reporting that Ahwaz Arabs have backed Kurdish protests against the Iranian regime after dozens of Kurds were killed in uprisings in some Iranian cities like Mahabad. With same reference, Brooding Persian decided to be among the Iranian bloggers campaigning in solidarity with the Kurdish citizens and...

Iran: Rosewater Threats

6 August 2005

Another Irani Online describes the new NYPD measures to prevent any London-style attacks in the NY City subways as misguided and silly, and suggests that the Department of Homeland Security should hire some decent consultants.

Iran: Who assassinated Judge Moghaddas?

4 August 2005

Secular Canuck-Iranic is siding the rumors in Tehran that the assassination of Judge Moghaddas could be the work of an insider, or someone who worked for any of the Intelligence Organizations of the regime at some point.

Iran: Imprisoned Journalist in Life-Threatening Condition

4 August 2005

Human Rights Watch is reporting that the Iranian government intensified its attacks on independent human rights defenders by arresting prominent lawyer Abdolfattah Soltani and threatening Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi.

Iran: Meaningful Hand-Kissing

3 August 2005

openDemocracy is reporting on Mr. Ahmadinejad's hand-kisses to the Supreme leader and saying that it is very meaningful.

Iran: Ganji's judge murdered

2 August 2005

One of the more surprising twists in the on-going saga of imprisoned dissident journalist Akbar Ganji is the news that the judge in his case was murdered today in Tehran. Iranian blogger Mr. Behi wonders what this turn of events means in the larger scheme of things while webgardian links...