· July, 2006

Stories about Iran from July, 2006

Iran: Velayati meets Fisher

According to Dr.Velayati's followers, Joschka Fisher, former German Foreign Minister will be in Tehran for two days conference on Iran-European Relations in Strategic Centre [Fa]. Fisher is going to meet Akbar Velayati, Leader's adviser on Foreign Affairs.

Iran: Batebi was arrested

  31 July 2006

According to Ikna, Ahmad Batebi, activist student was arrested again [Fa]. Batebi had already spent six years in jail to participate in a student protest movement. His wife is going to start a hunger strike in front of United Nations office in Tehran.

Iran: No bombs on Tehran!

  29 July 2006

Visible Track has published a photo of Tehran at night and says I could not imagine a day that my dear Tehran being bombed or destroyed like Beirut!

Iran: Khatami writes letters too!

  28 July 2006

In Iraneno we read that Mohammad Khatami, former President wrote a letter to several important political, religious and academic personalities such as Nelson Mandel, Kofi Annan and Noam Chomsky to condemn Israel and war in Lebanon. In blog we read that Khatami considered Hezbollah as a legitimate resistance in Lebanon...

War in Lebanon and Privatization

  28 July 2006

The Lebanon war is still hot news in Iran and Iranian bloggers talk about it. By reading some blogs we discover a very original approach to protesting against war, taking place in Tehran. Demonstrating with George Habash photo Nasle Farda writes about an original demonstration in Tehran against war. The...

Iran: Does Ganji want to preach?

  28 July 2006

In Pouyashome, we read that Akbar Ganji, dissident journalist wants to be considered as a journalist and a political activist.The blogger says contrary to our expectation,Ganji likes to preach about religious world and some other general or so called philosophical issues rather than discussing specific political problems.The blogger reminds us...

Iran: Stop Stoning

  28 July 2006

Sologen has given a link to a petition to save an Iranian woman from death by stoning. We read in this petition we are deeply concerned that Ashraf Kalhori, a 37-year-old mother of four, has been sentenced to death for having had an extramarital relationship. We are further concerned that...

Iran: Dark days for Communication Sciences

  26 July 2006

Farid Modaresi, journalist & student activist says University of Communication Sciences is facing very dark days. The blogger adds several academics are forced to leave university such as Dr. Namk Doost [Fa]. Modaresi says university professors should do something and do not practice wait & see philosophy. They should be...

Iran: Computer Fair

  25 July 2006

Rooznamenegar No says Electronic, Computer & E commerce International Fair in Tehran was a failure. The blogger says according to some visitors there was not a real order in Fair and it was difficult to find a specific company [Fa]. It seems foreign countries did not participate in this Fair...

Iran: Ahmadinejad's Letter

  24 July 2006

Mohammad Ali Abtahi, reformist politician talks about Ahmadinejad's letter to Merkel, German Chancellor. The blogger says Germany says that there will be no answer to Ahmadinejad's letter. Abtahi considers Germany's reaction as an insult to Iranians but he adds it seems that Iranian President in this letter did not talk...

Iran: Internet & national security

  21 July 2006

Alireza Shirazi founder of fast growing Blogfa, an Iranian provider for blogs says Parliament Research Center in Iran considered internet as a dangerous instrument for national security and for people. According to this blogger Research Center talks about internet users who put national security in danger and want to overthrow...

Ganji's Hunger Strike & Lebanon Conflict

  21 July 2006

Dissident journalist Akbar Ganji and his supporters called for a three days hunger strike to attract attention on Iranian political prisoners. Several bloggers have talked about this hunger strike movement and some discussed Ganji’s regime change idea. Bring Iranians closer to each other MardomIranema thinks that Ganji’s call for hunger...

Iran: Speculations about Ganji

  20 July 2006

Majid Mohammadi, a US based scholar says new wave of imaginative speculations about Ganji's agenda outside Iran reminded me of the literature and approach of Iranian security agents who connect and interrelate everything and everyone, without any evidence or empirical support, to disqualify whoever they do not like or reject...

Iran: Hypocrite!

  20 July 2006

Andishe No says there are several reasons why he does not like Iranian President. The blogger considers Ahmadinejad's prayer (Namaz) in the middle of a tunnel with several cameras filming him, as a hypocrite act. The blogger criticizes Ahmadinejad's very costly visits in Provinces and his aggressive Foreign Policy (Fa).

Iran: Writing for BBC about Lebanon

  20 July 2006

Kroush Alyani says contrary to what a Tehran based analyst writes for BBC without reading reliable sources about Lebanon conflict, people in Israel do not like this conflict and war on two fronts (Fa). The blogger who had lived in Lebanon gives a link to several Israel based bloggers to...

Kurdistance: Lebanon's Legacy?

  19 July 2006

While the world's media eye is focused on Lebanon, other potential conflicts are arising in the Middle East; but they are arising using Lebanon as the primary example for conflict justification. The Counterrorism Blog says it best: Turkey is currently making a lot of noise about launching a cross-border incursion...

Iran: Journal starts blogging

  19 July 2006

Quds daily has launched its public relation's blog. Sabouhi, one of the journal bloggers says blog is like the third eye of a journalist and journalists can write with more freedom in a blog (Fa).

Iran: No prayer with President

  19 July 2006

Tehran Shahr reports from Tehran that Resalat Tunnel was inaugurated after 9 years in the presence of President Ahmadinejad, Mayor of Tehran and some conservatives’ personalities such as Mehdi Chamran, Abadgaran party's speaker. The blogger says all reporters were asked not to ask Ahmadinejad any questions. Tehran Shahr says Ahmadinejad...

Iran: What democracy!

  19 July 2006

Tayebeh Beheshti, a teenage Hezbollah writes she does not understand why some Hezbollah members like to say we have democracy in Iran and we can say what we want! The blogger says it is clear that we do not have a western democracy in Iran and we can not say...