· October, 2007

Stories about Jordan from October, 2007

Jordan: First Wifi Street

  30 October 2007

Al Wakalat Street, Jordan first pedestrian zone, is now also Jordan’s first municipal WiFi zone, announced Jordanian blogger Ahmad Humeid.

Jordan: Media and Elections Snippets

  26 October 2007

Jordanian Lina Ejeilat shares with us snippets of news about media and the upcoming Jordanian parliamentary elections in this post. Among the snippets is an article about 46 women from Erbid running in the elections.

Jordan: Dulicate Names

  26 October 2007

“One of the (dirty) tricks played in elections here is the running of candidates with similar names. Typically, one of these candidates is paid to run in order to bleed off votes from a legitimate candidate,” explains Jordanian blogger Khalaf, who is updating us on the upcoming Parliamentary elections in...

Jordan: New Blog for Amman

  18 October 2007

“Amman the capital of Jordan has it's own blog! (being managed by the Greater Amman Municipality) and being hosted by Jeeran (Ar),” writes blogger Qwaider.

Jordan: A Call from Queen Rania

  17 October 2007

Jordanian blogger Naseem Al Tarawnah pays tribute to Queen Rania, who called his friend's fiance and congratulated her on an online project she had been working on. “It turns out Her Majesty Queen Rania decided to give Sara a ring and tell her that she discovered the Action Committee through...

Jordan: Women's Quota

  16 October 2007

Jordanian blogger Khalaf discusses the women's quota in the upcoming Jordanian parliamentary elections.

Free Speech Roundup: China, UAE, Jordan, Iran and more

  12 October 2007

Two interesting documents related to Internet censorship and circumvention were published recently: “Everyone's Guide to By-Passing Internet Censorship for Citizens Worldwide”, released by The University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab and a “Journey to the Heart of Internet censorship” in China, released by RSF and Chinese Human Rights Defenders, and written by an anonymous Chinese technician. In Jordan sending emails and writing online poems can send you to jail. And, is Facebook blocked in the United Arab Emirates?

Jordan: sending emails and writing online poems can send you to prison!

  10 October 2007

[More on GV Advocacy…] Ahmad Oweidi al-Abbadi, the 62-year-old former parliamentarian and leader of the Jordanian National Movement, was sentenced to two years in prison for “undermining state dignity”, “sending false news through emails” and “illegally distributing leaflets.” Mohammed Al-Zohairi, or “Al Qaeda Poet” , has been sentenced to 18...

Jordan: Aids Concerns

  9 October 2007

Jordanian blogger Hareega is concerned about the spread of the deadly Aids virus in his country.