· March, 2006

Stories about Jordan from March, 2006

Jordan: Stereotypes in the media

  30 March 2006

The image of a certain society as perceived by other societies is never the same, as human perceptions differ on an individual level, this is one cause of stereotypes, since each human or society have different levels of knowledge and concepts about a certain object applied whenever trying to percieve...

Jordan: Advertising in Jordan

20 March 2006

The problem in Jordan that there are a few corporations can afford to spend on Advertising, such as telecommunications companies. And it’s the only corporations who move the Advertising in Jordan and make the competition stronger and open the door for agencies to show and develop their work. Even though...

Jordan: Is the Arab World ready for Corporate Blogs?

13 March 2006

Khalidah asks: “Should a blogger be appointed to maintain the corporate blog; he/she must be brave and credible enough to provide the audience with trusted content that will promote the credibility of the corporation as a whole. But are Arab corporations ready to give such power to one of their...

Jordan: Replacing Burqa with Surgical Mask

  9 March 2006

If the Netherlands becomes the first European country to ban the burqa and other Muslim face veils this month, Hope says she’ll resort to wearing a surgical mask to dress in accordance with her religious beliefs, Sabbah said.

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  6 March 2006

A lot has happened in the past week or so that has gotten a lot of reactions from the Jordanian blogosphere- Al-Qaeda prisoners riot in Jordanian jails and other Al-Qaeda members attempt an attack on our soil. Khalaf thinks the jail riots were handled well, saying, “So, I would say...

Jordan Stops an Al-Qaeda Attack!

  1 March 2006

Jordan has foiled a planned suicide bomb attack on “a vital civilian installation,” official state-run media has reported. Two Iraqis and a Libyan, believed to be members of the al-Qaeda terror network, have been arrested in connection with the plot, Petra news agency reported. Police are said to be hunting...

Prison mutiny

  1 March 2006

Today a coordinated prison mutiny was staged at the Juwaida prison in southern Amman, as well as in Suwaqa (in the south) and Qafqafa (in the north). The incident led to wounding of four security personnel, and the holding of the Juwaida warden and six guards as hostages for most...