· August, 2007

Stories about Jordan from August, 2007

Jordan: Prohibited Items

  29 August 2007

Charles Levinson, who lives in Jerusalem, compiles a list of all the items banned on flights from Jordan's Queen Alia's Airport.

Jordan: I Hate Iraqis Group on Facebook

  29 August 2007

“When Facebook.com was created, its creators never thought it would one day be a place for racist fights,” writes Jordanian Ahmad Al Ghasmary, who writes about his disappointment with the “I Hate Iraqis” group formed by Jordanians.

Jordan: Advertising Awards

  29 August 2007

Jordanian Ahmad Humeid, who says he is happy he quit his job in a leading advertising company at the beginning of his career, comments on the way some agencies are celebrating an annual awards ceremony.

Arabeyes: It's All in a Sign

  28 August 2007

Signs are an important means to get first-hand information or advertise messages necessary for everyday life. But what happens when the signs are misleading and don't serve the purpose they were put up for. Amira Al Hussaini takes us on a tour of blogs in the Middle East which take a closer look at signs.

Jordan: Co-Blog Anyone?

  28 August 2007

“Are you interested in starting up a Co-Blog… Actually a business Co-Blog… Where you contribute to business knowledge,” asks M Kilany from Jordan.

Jordan: YouTube Down

  28 August 2007

“It seems YouTube is down. This is happening Monday 3:57 Amman time (12:57 GMT),” reports Ahmad Humeid from Jordan.

Arabeyes: Just a Pretty Face

  27 August 2007

Miss South Carolina's response in the Miss USA Pageant to a question on why a fifth of US students couldn't locate their country on the map was the butt of jokes on Middle Eastern blogs today. Here's a quick review of what some bloggers had to say about her ramblings.

Jordan: Where's the Applause?

  17 August 2007

Natasha Tynes from Jordan writes that her country will be accepting 50,000 Iraqi children in schools and wonders: “Where's the applause?”

Jordan: Sex Tape Spreads

  17 August 2007

The Observer from Jordan writes about a young couple, caught having sex on a phone camera which was later distributed, in a conservative society which shuns pre-marital sex.

Jordan: Why are Arabs Copying the West?

  17 August 2007

“Why is our ARAB society trying so hard to become just like the west? Living life with no barriers, as if everything is permitted. It’s horrible, and it’s only getting worse,” asks Deemco from Jordan.

Missing Jordan

  17 August 2007

Secratea from Jordan missed seeing her family over the summer, thanks to school work.