· September, 2009

Stories about Jordan from September, 2009

Middle East: The Cupcake Revolution

  25 September 2009

A cupcake revolution is taking the Middle East by storm and sweet-toothed bloggers are tracking its development. Jillian C. York reports from the frontline.

MENA: Thanks “Khawater” from Japan

  22 September 2009

Television viewers across the Arab world were in for a treat this Ramadan, with the airing of a special programme on Japan. In its fifth season, Khawater (Thoughts) visited Japan, where a young Saudi preacher Ahmed Al Shugairy explained the Japanese success story to Arab and Muslim viewers. Here are some blogger reactions to the one month show.

Jordan: GPS nightmare

  12 September 2009

Jordanian Ahmad Humeid writes: “This GPS/Mapping story in Jordan is turning into a really painful one!”

Jordan: Migratory Birds over Amman

  8 September 2009

While driving, Jordanian blogger Naseem Tarawnah “noticed a swarm of birds, possibly the largest I’ve ever seen in Jordan, swooping by.” He had his camera with him and here‘s the proof.

Jordan: Why was he let off the hook?

  2 September 2009

“The woman in Malaysia who was to be caned for drinking beer will now wait until after Ramadan for her punishment,” writes Kinzi, who lives in Jordan, and asks: “What I really don’t get is why her husband was let off the hook, and is not facing similar punishment.”

Jordan: Maktoob's Rise

  2 September 2009

Jordanian site Jazarah discusses the development of Arabic site Maktoob in this post. “Yahoo! and Maktoob officially announced the acquisition of maktoob.com, the largest Arabic website, by the international giant Yahoo! in a multi million deal, the financial figures weren’t announced but expectations suggest the deal worth more than $100...

Jordan: Making Lists

  2 September 2009

Do you make lists to determine the direction of your life? Tololy, from Jordan, shares her experience with making lists in this post.