· November, 2008

Stories about Jordan from November, 2008

Jordan: Amman's November Fuel Crisis

  29 November 2008

When Jordan's government proposed adjusting fuel prices according to the rise and fall in the international markets on a weekly basis, gas station owners protested and for a period of about 10 days refused to buy fuel from the main refinery demanding that prices are to be adjusted on a monthly basis. That, in turn, resulted in a severe shortage in fuel from many gas stations in Amman. Bloggers picked up the issue, and here is what some of them had to say.

Iraq: Rape Victims Ignored

  27 November 2008

Iraqi blogger Wameeth links to an article on Mideast Youth on how rape victims in the Iraq war continue to remain without treatment and counseling.

Middle East: Mumbai Terror Attack “Crazy and Inhumane”

  27 November 2008

Bloggers in the Middle East woke up this morning to news of terror and mayhem in Mumbai, India, and are still coming to terms with the size of the calamity. One blogger describes the attack as "crazy and inhumane" while another the other wishes for God would "obliterate the enemies of peace."

Congratulations Pour in on Queen Rania's Youtube Award

  26 November 2008

Bloggers from across the Middle East and North Africa are tipping their hats to Jordan's Queen Rania, and her visionary initiative on YouTube, after she was awarded YouTube's first-ever Visionary Award for launching an interactive online channel to combat stereotypes and misconceptions associated with Arabs and Muslims.

Michael Jackson ‘Converts’ to Islam

  24 November 2008

The King of Pop Michael Jackson has done it again and stories about his alleged conversion to Islam are keeping blogs in the Middle East abuzz with snark comments. Is Jackson's conversion a part of an American conspiracy "to destroy Islam from within," is it a media stunt or has he finally found his true calling?

Jordan: The Queen's Vlog, Internet Socio-Economics and More

  24 November 2008

In today's review of the Jordanian blogosphere, Mohammad Azraq links to posts celebrating Queen Rania's latest Vlog, the socio-economic implications of a faster Internet, a new idea for social networking, and a competition open for Jordanians to vote for their favourite city logos and icons.

Jordan: List of controversial figures

  23 November 2008

From Lebanese singer Haifaa Wahbi to Libyan president Moammar Qaddafi to Hizbulla commander Hasan Nasrallah to Egyptian leader Jamal Abdil Nasser, Jordanian Hareega shares his list of the 10 most controversial figures in the Arab world.

MENA: How to deal with Somali piracy?

  22 November 2008

Last week a Saudi supertanker was hijacked by Somali pirates off the coast of Kenya, making it the largest ship ever to have been seized in this way. The problem of Somali piracy is growing; in this post we hear bloggers' reactions from around the Middle East.

Jordan: Poor and Backward

  11 November 2008

Being poor and backward go hand in hand, according to Jordanian blogger Muoffaq Qabbani, who brings us this story about how poor people insist on having more and more children.

Jordan: Until the King Speaks

  11 November 2008

Jordanian The Black Iris writes about things are quickly fixed in his country, following the King's intervention. “The whole concept that I, as a Jordanian citizen, am unlikely to see change in a whole myriad of issues until the King talks about them all, is simply disheartening,” he notes.

Jordan: Automobile Expo

  11 November 2008

Ali, from Jordan, visits the Automobile Museum, where he took a few pictures of cars which were owned by the late King Hussein.

Jordan: Meet the Foreigners, Arab Music, and Business Ideas

  3 November 2008

The number of young expatriates coming to Jordan for different purposes, commonly to learn Arabic, has become significant. Walking around Jabal Amman, you can notice them sitting in cafes and restaurants around the area. Jordandays.tv, a web television channel from Jordan came up with a programme for their website called...