· September, 2006

Stories about Jordan from September, 2006

Jordan: 1st Grade Curriculum

  28 September 2006

Beside believing that Christian private schools are far better in discipline than Muslim schools, Batir thinks that the 1st grade curriculum is so tough, and a 6 year old children can't accommodate it.

Jordan: The Darkest September

  26 September 2006

Hareega has posted a little [ar] series on his blog about Black September, a very dark moment in Jordan’s history. It is the most mysterious, ambiguous, misunderstood and taboo part of Jordanian history that everyone avoids talking about, Nas said.

Jordan: Poverty in Jordan

  25 September 2006

Wael Attili has a sample story of poverty in Jordan. Imagine living on a monthly income that is less than US$ 110 [ar]. Wondering how these people are living between us, unnoticed!

Jordan: Unused resources

  21 September 2006

Universities in Jordan are almost not adding much to the development process of society in term of direct participation in economic and scientific industries. It is more like a school in a form of a university, Wael Attili said.

Jordan: The Pope Quotes

  15 September 2006

The Pope isn't saying the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is “evil and inhumane” or what he preached and how he spread it was “evil and inhumane” he's just saying that Emperor Manual II Paleologos said it. But can you get away with saying something by saying someone else said it? Nassem...

Jordan: Rami's Revolution

4 September 2006

Rami wonders: “Why do we always surrender to the notion that we are too small to change the world, if you and I did not change the world then who will? It is a simple equation, when you don't like the world you live in, then change it, all those...