· August, 2005

Stories about Jordan from August, 2005

Jordan: IbrahimOwais

31 August 2005

Ibrahim Owais says that the Royal Film Commission (RFC) in Jordan continues its search for a script or an idea for a script to produce a Jordanian feature film of high international standards.

Blogs of the World, Aggregate!

  30 August 2005

Boris Anthony, our good friend and Global Voices’ beloved graphic designer/toolsmith, recently offered this observation: “….In the last 6 months, I have not worked on a single ‘weblog': it's all been various types of aggregators.” As blogging becomes mainstream around the world and journalists, corporations, politicians and non-governmental organizations join...

Jordan: Bataranzi

29 August 2005

Wondering what Bataranzi means? Laith writes the face and reason behind the name “Bataranzi”.

Upset by Pat Robertson's Remarks

  24 August 2005

Some bloggers from Algeria, Kuwait and Jordan are upset by the remarks (or Fatwa, as Mohsan called it) made by Pat Robertson's, the founder of Christian Coalition. Pat calls for the assassination of democratically elected Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

Jordan: Jordan TV Problems

23 August 2005

Ibrahim Owais thinks that if start talking about problems that needs to be solved in Jordan TVhe will need to write a book for that. So he decides to talk about his area of expertise only, the media graphics.

Jordan: Jordanian Bloggers Response to Aqaba Rocket Attacks

20 August 2005

Jordanian bloggers said it in one voice. No To Terrorism! madas expressed her feeling in one sentence: We don't want any more death… No for Terrorism in all its different shapes. While Ammar writes: for those who think that they're fighting our freedom, please give me a break, it's just...

Breaking News: Katyusha Rocket Attack on Aqaba and Eilat

  19 August 2005

Katyusha rocket explosion has occurred in the Jordanian Red Sea port of Aqaba, and authorities said that explosions were heard in a restricted US military zone of the Port of Aqaba in Jordan. Dubai-based Al-Arabiya TV said a U.S. naval ship was in the vicinity of the blast in Aqaba,...

Jordan: Jordanian clock

12 August 2005

Ibrahim Owais from Ocean Creep Blog thinks that Jordanians are creative people and hardworkers because 46% of Jordanians consider the 15 minutes late on appointments don't counts as late.

Jordan: Your window into Jordan

11 August 2005

Lina and Roba got together today to make some sort of publicity cards for Jordan Planet to pass out during Lina's trip to Ireland this week. The result was “Jordan Planet – Your window into Jordan.”

Jordan: Bloggers on Radio

11 August 2005

If you happen to be at Amman – Jordan, don't miss to listen to Ammar's interview on Ammannet today at 1400 GMT. The interview is about Bloggers and Blogging in Jordan.

Jordan: Funk On-Tour Festival

10 August 2005

Attending the first annual Funk On-Tour Festival taking place in Amman – Jordan, Roba describes her experience with this Heavy-Metal competition as a complete shock at the local goth/heavy metal scene that she was completely unaware of.

Blogging Survey

  10 August 2005

Maha is doing research for her Masters about blogging in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon . If you are living in any of these countries, go ahead and share your experience by taking this survey.

Jordan: Rum concert

5 August 2005

Roba is expressing her pleasure of attending Rum concert, which was held at Al-Hussein Park as a part of the Jerash Festival program.