· October, 2008

Stories about Jordan from October, 2008

Palestinian Football History

  29 October 2008

Palestinians made their own football history, being the only team - in the words of one blogger - with a stadium but no country. It was a day of national pride and despite the setbacks, bloggers hailed it as a day of victory.

Jordan: Creative Commons Amman Date

  26 October 2008

Ahmad Humeid, from Jordan, announces: ” Creative Commons is coming to Arabia and they’re holding a lecture in Amman. Creative Commons CEO Joichi Ito will be the speaker.”

Jordan: Qwaider Planet Celebrates

  26 October 2008

Qwaider Planet kicks off its third year, boosting the number of blogs it aggregates posts from 250 last year to around 400 this year. The aggregator was set up by Jordanian Samer Qwaider, who is also responsible for Jordan Blogs and GirlyGator.

Jordan: Blognesia?

  26 October 2008

Jordanian blogger Naseem Tarawnah suffers from Blognesia. To find out what that is, click here.

Jordan: An Encounter with a Bisexual in Iran

  25 October 2008

Jordanian Rami Abdelrahman, who lives in Sweden, posts this fascinating post by a Swedish friend who travelled to Iran on a study visit and his encounter with a ‘bisexual’ tour guide.

Jordan: Rumours, Gap Year Foreign Students, and Body of Lies

  25 October 2008

From an innocent murmur to a devastating consequence on the life of an innocent girl, see how rumours can destroy lives in Jordan in this round up of Jordanian blogs by Mohammad Azraq, which also discusses foreign gap year students in Amman and the latest big screen hit Body of Lies.

Jordan: Don't Share on YouTube

  21 October 2008

Jordanian Qwaider writes: “If you have a problem, don't freakin share it on YouTube!” Find out why by clicking on the link.

Arabeyes: Mickey Mouse Must Die..or Maybe Not

  15 October 2008

Mickey Mouse must die, declared a Saudi cleric in a television interview. Or perhaps that is not exactly what he said. Regardless, the interview found its way to television screens and newspaper headlines around the world and bloggers are at loggerheads with the issue. Did the cleric literally mean that Mickey Mouse must die or was it just another ploy to sensationalise and poke fun of anything an Arab and a Muslim utters?

Jordan: Domestic Violence Month Marked

  12 October 2008

Palestinian/Jordanian Shuger Cuebs says October is Domestic Violence Month in Jordan. “It’s time to speak. Make your voice heard in every possible way. It’s your duty and your right to stand up for yourself and your sisters,” she urges.

Jordan: We are ‘Backward’ Because …

  9 October 2008

“Instead of spending our time on improving our lives, economy, well being and living standards we spend time watching people and what they do and say,” writes Ali, about life in Jordan and the Arab world.