· November, 2006

Stories about Jordan from November, 2006

Jordan: Cultural events

  30 November 2006

If you happen to be in Amman these days; have a look at Lina's calender for some interesting cultural events that you might like to attend.

Jordan: toot, tan and ikbis!

  28 November 2006

Blogging is growing rapidly in the Arab world, and some smart projects are capitalizing on this growth by providing tools that were until a while ago a de facto Western made only! After the hand picked posts in the famous ‘toot’ aggregator, the same company has recently launched the first...

Jordan: M.E. three potential civil wars

  27 November 2006

“We could possibly imagine going into 2007 and having three civil wars on our hands,” King Abdullah said in an interview with the ABC network; citing conflicts in Iraq, Lebanon and the decades-long strife between the Palestinians and Israelis.” Natasha is not optimistic either. “The situation in the Middle East...

Arabisc: Plagiarism, Arrests, Bans and Democracy!

  23 November 2006

The Arabs are as usual busy this week debating anything and everything, from plagiarism to the arrest of bloggers, and from banning public meetings to embarrising George Bush Senior at a conference held in the UAE. Ahmed from Egypt had always wanted to become a journalist. But because not all...

  21 November 2006

Palestinian-Jordanian blogger Haitham Sabbah tells us about the plight of a Palestinian refugee who is looking for a lawyer/s to help her “present a case, or cases, against the State of Israel and private individuals and organizations, for damages, because of human rights abuses and many other crimes perpetrated against...

  20 November 2006

The abuse of domestic maids is on the rise in Jordan, reports Black Iris. So far 10 maids have committed suicide this year in the country which has about 38,000 registered maids from abroad in addition to 60,000 illegal domestic workers.

Arabisc: Egyptian Blogger Arrested While Arab Bloggers Debate Unity Issues

  9 November 2006

With most Arab countries waging a war on the Internet, Egypt decided to score brownie points with its bloggers by arresting yet another online writer. Egyptian blogger Alaa Abd El Fattah, who has himself enjoyed a stint behind bars, reports to us his colleague's ordeal. أمرت نيابة محرم بك بالإسكندرية...

Arabisc: How did Arab bloggers react to Saddam Hussein's verdict?

  6 November 2006

While Arab bloggers writing in English jumped on the opportunity to comment on Saddam Hussein‘s death sentence, those writing in Arabic seemed to be slower to react. Among the few commenting on the story making the headlines yesterday and today, Batir Wardam from Jordan, says what is more important than...

Jordan: Children museum

  2 November 2006

Now, we are seeing the new, modernist leaning, Jordanian architecture arriving in even bigger way. The Children Museum will be a landmark of that trend. While it still has some elements of stone, the structure is dominated by concrete, glass and metal cladded facades. The formal composition is very dynamic,...

Jordan: Jordanians-Palestinians Identities

  1 November 2006

In fact, I don't see Jordanians of Palestinian as a sect. There are no ethnic or religious differences between the two groups, and any sense of identity is purely a personal opinion or sense of belonging. Many Jordanians (particularly the older generation) feel that they are Palestinian, and many of...