· June, 2007

Stories about Jordan from June, 2007

Arabeyes: The Moment of Truth for a Jordanian Father

  28 June 2007

Today's Arabeyes makes five stops - two in Kuwait and Saudi each and a last stop in Jordan, where a blogger and journalist is forced to face himself and take a stance on the Palestinian infighting between Fatah and Hamas.

Qatar: All Alone in Doha

  22 June 2007

LotusGem will be all alone in Doha, Qatar, this summer when the family leaves on holiday to Jordan. Any good books to recommend?

Jordan: DAM Rocks Amman

  22 June 2007

In their first concert in an Arab country, Palestinian hip hop trio DAM, rocked Amman last night as part of the Fete De La Musique (Music Day) series of concerts that took place across the city, writes Jordanian blogger Naseem Tarawnah.

Arabeyes: Arabs Should Talk to Each Other Rather than the West

  21 June 2007

Arabs should open up avenues of dialogue amongst themselves before starting conversations with Europeans and the West, writes Batir Wardam from Jordan. Why? He explains his stance in the following post, where he sheds light on why Arabs cannot communicate with each other, let alone with those of different opinions in their own countries.

Arabeyes: World Refugee Day – Focus on Iraq

  20 June 2007

As the world marks the World Refugee Day today, the Middle East finds itself again at the centre of a mounting humanitarian tragedy. With more than 4 million of the 10 million refugees being Iraqi, let us see what bloggers are saying about this mounting humanitarian tragedy, often neglected by mainstream media.

Arabeyes: The Middle East in Pictures

  18 June 2007

This week's pictorial tour of the Middle East takes us to a wedding with a difference in Amman, Kuwait in a dust storm, where Lebanese escape the news and finally a picture of a hatching Bulbul in a tribute to a loving father from Bahrain.

Jordan: Palestinian Conflict Update

  14 June 2007

“The coming news from Gaza is disturbing to say the least. Gaza is almost and for the first time under complete control of Hamas forces,” writes Shifaa from Jordan.

Jordan: Adults Should Grow Up!

  12 June 2007

Ola Eleiwat, from Jordan, is enraged at the extend of child abuse. “As adults, sometimes we forget what it feels like to be a kid. Worse yet, somewhere in the back of our minds, we think that we have the right to take it out on them whenever we feel...

Jordan: Where Does Your Salary Go?

  11 June 2007

“You never really understand the plight of Jordan until you actually try and make a living here and experience just how quickly your monthly salary disappears. It’s absolutely terrible. The difficulty of attempting to save anything at all. What’s worse is where it goes. I have absolutely no idea. I...

Isreal: Putting Differences Aside

  8 June 2007

Jewilicious puts aside its ideological differences with Kabobfest and notes: “However, earlier this week Fadi wrote about the upcoming Arab-American Anti-Discrimination committee’s annual convention in Washington DC this Saturday. Fadi expressed offense at the fact that Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein is set to accept the ADC Global Leadership Award...

Jordan: Is Islam the Solution?

  8 June 2007

“When people say that Islam is the solution I get sudden mental flashes of the morality police marching down streets burning books, whipping indecently clothed men and women, and the strict application of an extreme interpretation of Islam. Because this is where we are today. Islam is not being introduced...