· November, 2007

Stories about Jordan from November, 2007

Jordan: Lost for Words

  30 November 2007

Jordanian Ohoud is lost for words after reading that an Israeli has opened four shops in Dubai.

Jordan: Sundance Special

  30 November 2007

Two years of hard work are finally paying off for Jordanian Laith, whose film will be shown in the Sundance Festival.

Jordan: Elections Reaction

  30 November 2007

Till now, the Ministry of Interior Affairs refuses officially to post all the number of votes that losers in the last election got, reports Jordanian blogger Shifaa, who comments on his country's parliamentary elections in this post.

Jordan: No Thanks. I am Muslim.

  23 November 2007

Jordanian blogger Qwaider argues that observing Muslims should politely refuse offers of alcohol and pork saying that they don't want it instead of apologising for being Muslim.

Kuwait: Motorbike Trip

  23 November 2007

Kuwaiti blogger Hellraiser continues to update us on his motorbike trip from Kuwait to Beirut, Lebanon, and back on this blog. The blogger has just arrived in Amman, Jordan, from Beirut.

Jordan: New PM

  21 November 2007

Ammon is reporting that Marouf Bakhit has resigned his office, and that the king is planning on naming the current chief commissioner of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, Nader Dahabi, in his place, reports Jordanian blogger Khalaf.

Jordan: Lessons from the Elections

  21 November 2007

Shifaa, from Jordan, brings us the lessons learned and implications of the parliamentary elections held this week. The good news is that a woman won a seat without resorting to the women’s quota.

Jordan: Elections Tomorrow

  20 November 2007

“The elections are scheduled for tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting rid of all of the banners and posters filling the streets. Aside from the visual insult, they are a constant reminder of the superficiality of our discourse,” notes Khalaf, from Jordan.

Jordan: My First Crush

  18 November 2007

Jordanian Roba Al Assi takes us on a trip down memory lane to her school days in Saudi Arabia and her first crush. Read about it here.

Jordan: Income Tax

  18 November 2007

Will 90 per cent of Jordanians be exempt from income taxes? Jordanian blogger Khalaf informs us that this is a question many MPs are not able to tackle.

Jordan: Guantanamo Bay Sad Story

  18 November 2007

Following the release of two Jordanians from the high-security Guantanamo Bay prison, Jordanian blogger Hareega admits that he is weary of men with beards (extreme religious men). He also adds that Guantanamo Bay “is a very sad story.”