· March, 2007

Stories about Jordan from March, 2007

Jordan: Car Trouble

  30 March 2007

Jordanian blogger Tololy discovers the advantages of living in a patriarchal society after having car trouble and a total stranger came to her rescue without her having to ask for it.

Jordan: Balancing Eggs?

  30 March 2007

With too much time on his hands, Jordanian blogger Naseem Tarawneh decided to balance an egg on the day of the vernal equinox to prove the relevance of a Chinese legend. Needless to say, it didn't work.

Jordan: Protect Migrant Workers

  30 March 2007

Jordanian blogger Lina Ejeilat calls for tougher laws to protect women migrant workers in her country after reading about yet another conference to discuss their plight.

Jordan: MPs Missing Sessions

  28 March 2007

Jordanian blogger Naseem Tarawneh links to an article which said that Parliament did not convene because members failed to turn up to discuss the findings of a special committee entrusted with investigating the alleged involvement of a former minister in a corruption case. His question on how seriously the MPs...

Jordan: Iraqi Blogger Back Home

  27 March 2007

Jordan-based Iraqi blogger Confused Iraqi Kid, who ran away from home after a scuffle with his father yesterday and endured the night sleeping on the floor in an Internet cafe, is back home.

Jordan: Iraqi Refugees

  26 March 2007

Iraqi blogger Konfused Kid, who lives in Jordan, shares with us a day of his life here. He also shows us how Iraqi refugees are faring in nearby Jordan.

Jordan: Better Press Laws

  21 March 2007

It seems that there is some good news for Jordan's journalists. “After a little pass and play between the two Houses of Parliament, the Lower House voted to cancel (i.e. remove) the clause that upheld the imprisonment of journalists in the new press and printing draft law after it was...

Jordan: Facebook and Bloggers

  20 March 2007

Jordan-based blogger Shaden Abdul-Rahman says it seemed like all Jordanian bloggers woke up one morning and signed onto Facebook en masse. “So it seemed like Jordanians woke up one day and decided to group sign-up for Facebook accounts. It’s funny how almost everyone from JB signed up for an account...

Arabisc: A Pictorial Tour of the Middle East

  19 March 2007

When I first saw these pictures. I thought to myself sheep = New Zealand. How wrong was I! A closer look will show you that the donkey was familiar, the grass not that green and palm trees in the background. It was closer to home than I thought. We kick...

Jordanian Blogs: A Snow Day & Other Mid-March Tales

  18 March 2007

The biggest story to take the Jordanian blogosphere by storm seems to be the strange weather lately. A snow storm swept the country for 24 hours and many bloggers had many things to say about it. Most got their cameras out to take a shot of the crazy weather and...

Jordan: George of Arabia

  10 March 2007

US President George Bush was not welcome in Jordan, according to a video linked by Jordanian blogger Rami here.

Jordan: Single Women Welcome Again

  10 March 2007

Jordanian blogger Natasha (Twal) Tynes is excited that some of her single friends can visit Jordan, now that her country has retracted “a controversial new regulation that was intended to limit the entry of single eastern European and North African women into the country.”

Jordan: Running in Amman

  10 March 2007

Jordanian blogger Lina has taken up running in Amman , where she takes us with he on a tour of her favourite track so far.

Jordan: You Don't Miss What You Never Had

  10 March 2007

Jordanian blogger Hareega says people only miss what they are used to. In a post dotted with wisdom, he writes: “If you don't try something you'll never miss it. If you don't get sick you won't know how great it is to be healthy. As my best friend Aerosmith says...

Jordan: Canadian Film Festival A Treat

  1 March 2007

Jordanian blogger The Black Iris was in for a treat during the Canadian Film Festival, held in Jordan. “It’s been a pretty enjoyable experience getting to watch a handful of Canadian films at the Balad Theater these past few days. I hope they’ll get to host another one come next...

Jordan: East Meets West in Commercial

  1 March 2007

Zeid Nassar posts a video link for a commercial featuring Egyptian heart-throb Amr Diab as well as American divas Beyonce and J Lo. “I’m not sure if this is a fancy special effects/post-production job or if Amr Diab was actually on a set with Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce for this...

Jordan: Male Belly Dancer

  1 March 2007

Jordanian blogger The Observer criticises a new Lebanese television station here , especially after it aired a programme featuring a male belly dancer.