· November, 2009

Stories about Jordan from November, 2009

Jordan: Keep the bad Parliament!

  25 November 2009

After the Jordanian Parliament was dissolved, Jordanian Hareega writes: “If a new Parliament is to be elected, it has to be an absolute disaster for me to believe it is representative of the people. Anything less than a catastrophic performance will make suspect that the elections were a fraud.”

Jordan: Letter to MBC

  14 November 2009

Jordanian Ola Eliwat, from Cinnamon Zone, pens an open letter to MBC television group. In it, she writes: “And please consider shutting down 90% of your channels, I think it would be a HUGE favor for the Arab nation!”

Jordan: Nidal Malik Hasan

  9 November 2009

Arab American Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire at a military base on the US, killing several people. Jordanian Hareega comments on the incident in this post.

Egypt: Max's thoughs on Azaan

  7 November 2009

Max Strasser, a journalist living in Cairo, wrote his thoughts on government plans to sync the call to prayer in every Cairo mosque to a radio broadcast.

Jordan: Videos for Social Change!

  2 November 2009

Over the last few years, and due to the high level of freedom on the internet in Jordan, a number of online social initiatives have been born. Mohammad Azraq takes a closer look at Aramram in this post.