· February, 2007

Stories about Jordan from February, 2007

The Jordanian Blogosphere: February Clippings

  23 February 2007

The Jordanian blogosphere is abuzz with two controversies this month. The first revolves around the proposal to build a tourist complex near the Dibbin Forest that will result in the cutting down of many trees. While a small online campaign has started up in recent days, other bloggers see the...

Palestine: Children's Blogging Project

  22 February 2007

Bahrain-based Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah was instrumental in making a children's blogging project see light. Read more about the project, which aims to bridge the widening gap between children in the West and East, here.

Jordan: Caricature Expo Planned

  21 February 2007

Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff will hold an exhibition in Jordan, thanks to the efforts of Palestinian blogger Izzi, among others. Latuff himself blogs about it here.

Arabisc: Are the Americans Bribing Arab Journalists?

  15 February 2007

Are the Americans bribing Arab journalists? And how should Arab journalists react? These are the sensitive questions posed by Jordanian blogger and writer Batir Wardam in his blog, Jordan Watch, this week as he discusses the merits of familiarisation trips for Arab journalists, paid for by the US State Department....

Valentine Special: Is Love in the Air in the Middle East?

  14 February 2007

If a picture says a thousand words, this is the image Cece, who is based between Bahrain and Kuwait, has posted to sum up how she feels about Valentine's Day. Although she isn't alone in shunning the tradition, which is fairly new to the region, for others it is a...

Jordan: Warm Welcome for Russian President

  13 February 2007

Jordanian blogger Firas extends a warm welcome to visiting Russian president Vladimir Putin and gives him some advice – such as : “If you are walking in Wast El Balad (downtown) try not to make an eye contact with a policeman and smile in his face (I got IDed for...

Arabisc: Jordanian MPs Having a Ball!

  12 February 2007

Jordanian blogger Batir Wardam doesn't mince his words when he says that Jordan's Members of Parliament are in for a great weekend. After all, for a few hours of work, they enjoy the perks of being amongst the highest paid civil servants in Jordan. سوف تكون نهاية اسبوع سعيدة للسادة...

Jordan: When It Snows in Amman

  7 February 2007

It snowed in Amman, Jordan and the snow melted the next day, writes Black Iris. “The morning of a snow fall, when it’s really bad outside and the driving conditions are impossible and the possibility of crashing a car or being run over has never been greater: they pack supermarkets...

Jordan: Car Exemption Rumours

  1 February 2007

Jordanian blogger Khalaf is wondering what it takes to get old cars off the roads. This follows newspaper reports on how people with old dilapidated vehicles are holding on to their cars, in the hope that the government will offer them a customs exemption in exchange for taking the cars...