· July, 2007

Stories about Jordan from July, 2007

Kuwait: Summer Party

  31 July 2007

Lebanese Maze, who lives in Kuwait, travelled to Jordan and shows us how people party in summer.

Jordan: Sexual Diseases

  29 July 2007

Jordanian Hareega has been transfered to the sexually transmitted diseases clinic – as a doctor- and has spilled some beans here. Hareega works in the US.

Iraq: Visiting Jordan

  23 July 2007

Iraqi Omar talks about the ‘special’ treatment being met to Iraqis travelling to Jordan.

Jordan: Blogs a Destruction Force

  23 July 2007

Blogs, Wikipedia and uncontrolled media will destroy human cultural integrity. Where are the editors who check the facts? Where are the scientists who make sure our media is for for consumption? Where is the good-taste police?” writes Ahmed Humeid from Jordan.

Arabeyes: A Protest for Every Citizen, Al Qaeda and Iranian Provocation

  17 July 2007

Locked doors at a university campus, daily demonstrations on busy main roads, an article attacking Bahrain in an Iranian newspaper, Al Qaeda's attacks in North Africa and the death of cultural magazines - on and off-line - are some of the topics being discussed by bloggers writing in Arabic in Bahrain, Algeria and Jordan.

Jordan: Little Black Box

  16 July 2007

It may be an obsolete gadget for most of us – but Jordanian Hareega writes about how attached he has become to his pager.

World Ponders the 7 New Wonders

  16 July 2007

On July 7, 2007, the world elected a list of “New 7 Wonders”. Chosen by global vote via internet, telephone and SMS, many argue that the election was unfair and favored the broadband-connected West (how else would you explain the Statue of Liberty being one of the 21 finalists?). The...