· March, 2009

Stories about Jordan from March, 2009

Jordan: Blogger Exposes a State Secret

  26 March 2009

Jordanian blogger Rami Abdelrahman has blogged about a closely guarded secret about his government's involvement in the war on Afghanistan - and is getting unwelcome attention from the intelligence service.

Jordan: Amman joins Earth Hour

  26 March 2009

Amman, Jordan, will turn off its lights for one hour on Saturday as part of Earth Hour, a worldwide initiative which urges people to turn off their lights for an hour on the 28th of every month, reports The Black Iris.

Jordan: Call to end Honour Killings

  23 March 2009

Jordanian Qwaider calls for an off and online campaign against the so called honour killings, in which women are killed by relatives for having relations with men. “Every year, over 20 women lose their lives on suspicion of infidelity in Jordan alone,” he notes.

Jordan: Online Petition in Support of Journalist

  15 March 2009

Hamede [Ar], from Jordan, urges his readers to sign an online petition in support of Jordanian journalist  Khalid Mahadeen, who is being sued by Parliament members, whom he had earlier criticised for calling for higher wages in a country being impacted by the world economic crisis.

Jordan: Billionaires Drop

  15 March 2009

From Jordan, Jazarah reports: “the total number of billionaires around the world dropped from 1,125 in 2008 to 793, that’s like 30% drop, I wonder how it’s going to look like next year.”

Jordan: New Facebook Design

  15 March 2009

Roba Al Assi, from Jordan, comments on the new Facebook designs saying: “By now, we are all aware of the fact that Facebook changes their design as often as the Paris Hilton changes outfits.”

Jordan: Bloggers Come Together in Celebration

  14 March 2009

Jordanian bloggers came together to mark the second Blog About Jordan Day on March 12, an initiative started in 2008 by Qwaider. Jordanian and expat bloggers wrote about Jordan's perks and advantages, about its problems and future, and some were inspired to reflect on their personal attachment to the country.

Jordan: Blog About Jordan Day Approaches

  12 March 2009

Blog About Jordan Day, an initiative started in 2008 by blogger Qwaider, has begun. The day designated for all bloggers, Jordanian or not, to write about Jordan in any shape or form, is marked on March 12th of every year.

Jordan's “shameful reaction”

  8 March 2009

Jordanian Naseem Tarawnah is incensed with his countries “shameful reaction” towards Israel's plans to demolish 180 homes in East Jerusalem and evict 1,500 Palestinians. “[T]he reaction from the Jordanian state has been, as usual, quite horrendous, offering no more than a “denunciation” of Israel’s actions. Even the masses aren’t allowed...

Arab World: Birthday Food for Thought

  5 March 2009

Several bloggers from across the Arab World are marking their birthdays online with philosophical posts, describing their lives, hopes, accomplishments and dreams. Here's a selection of posts.

Jordan: Photo of the Moment

  5 March 2009

Jordanian blogger Naseem Tarawnah posts a Reuters photograph showing a Palestinian man sitting near the Jaffa Gata in Jerusalem's Old City and notes: “If this picture doesn’t personify the Palestinian experience, I don’t know what does.”